Commitment to Integrity

Product integrity, business integrity, personal integrity

Our products are unique – and uniquely suited to the industries they serve. They’re manufactured to meet the exacting standards of each customer and application. Our U.S.-made products are known for consistent, reliable performance.

The integrity of our people is reflected in the integrity of our products. Our staff is long-tenured. Most have been with us more than a decade. Many have service years measured in the 20s and 30s. This loyalty and consistency is an outgrowth of our culture of respect, and it extends to the clients we partner with.

Our custom compounds, meticulous processes and skilled tradespeople start a process that goes through our hands-on quality assurance channels before being shipped to you.

From the personal service you receive when you call us to the people putting their care and attention into crafting your order, it’s a difference you will experience in all your dealings with us.

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 Customer quote:

“Their two most recent vendor scores with us are a 98 and a 100.  I haven’t given more than five 100 scores in 18 years. They’re the whole package.”