Full Service Partner/Inventory Management

In its 53-year history, Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. has evolved from a latex tubing manufacturer into a diversified supplier of thermoplastic elastomers, dip-molded products, PVC tubing, non-latex Free-Band® Tourniquets and more – all U.S.A.-made.

The integrity of our people is reflected in our products, which are known for durability and strength.

Our constancy is so holistically ingrained that consistency can’t help but happen. This along with our know-how has shaped us into the company we are today. We’re able to create customized products quickly to unique customer specifications. We can assemble and package according to your guidelines, as well.

Timely shipping is another of our hallmarks. We understand that paying attention to timing is critical to your inventory management. That’s why you can always count on us to deliver when we say we will. Knowing what’s coming from us in a timely fashion, and knowing when it will arrive, helps you keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

We also are able to assemble and house your finished products, manage inventory, apply your custom labels and handle distribution for you.

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