Lean Enterprise

Continuous Improvement – Adding Value

"Stand in a Circle" - an observation tool for improvements

“Stand in a Circle” – an observation tool for improvements

Our Lean journey began in 2006 through a company wide decision and commitment to training and becoming certified in Lean Mastery. Although the process was not easy and it required 100% commitment from everyone, the power of Lean manufacturing was readily apparent. Today, hundreds of improvement events later, our employees continue to hone their skills through regular use of Kaizen, 6S, Micro-Kaizen, and “Stand in a Circle” events. For us, improvement is more than a set of tools, it is our corporate value. We are fully committed to continuous incremental improvement. Fully committedThroughout our journey, improvement events have been performed in every step of our production and administrative processes.


Value for Our Customers

Lean manufacturing puts a great deal of emphasis on value. With continuous improvement focused on productivity, our customers are assured consistent quality products at a competitive price, short lead times, and our ability to react quickly to changing needs; unlike offshore manufacturers. We deliver exactly what you want when you want it. At Kent Elastomer Products we pride ourselves with manufacturing quality products in the USA.

“I’m looking for a product that I wouldn’t mind having used on myself, my mother or my child. Kent Elastomer delivers such a product.”

The above quote comes from a Kent Elastomer Products customer. We are always mindful that the products we manufacture touch human lives and we take our responsibility seriously. Kent strives to be persistent in the elimination of variability; our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Value for Our Company

Company shirts slogan

Company shirts were printed with the slogan “Why didn’t we think of that before?”

Employee involvement is essential to increasing value throughout the company. We all have two jobs; doing our job and improving our job by thinking of new ways and questioning long-standing practices. Candid appraisals are encouraged in all processes, asking, “why not?” and brainstorming ideas.Two jobs


Employees add value by:

  • implementing things that work for them – they are the experts in their jobs
  • implementing changes that make their jobs easier
  • having ownership, which sustains improvements

“Kent Elastomer’s commitment to the environment is supported by a deep, fully engrained corporate principle of continuous improvement. This principle is integral to the very existence of the company. Without it, the company could have easily folded, or shipped operations overseas.” – Ohio EPA E3 award application

Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. is Getting Noticed!

We didn’t set out to win awards; we set out to improve our company. We are honored that our improvements along this journey have been recognized by our community.