Medical Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing

Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. offers a full line of specialty-engineered thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing perfectly suited for the medical marketplace.

As the medical field and device manufacturers continue to shift from using natural rubber latex and PVC, the demand for TPE tubing is rapidly on the rise. We developed our compounds and product lines to fulfill the ever-increasing needs of the industry, its customers and communities.

TPE tubing offers choice – providing specific properties and functional benefits for new and existing applications, including:

  • Custom compounds free from latex proteins, which can cause allergic reactions, and plasticized PVC, which many healthcare companies are doing away with.
  • Products already proven safe, reliable and cost-effective in many existing applications, including drainage tubing, peristaltic pump tubing and catheter tubing.
  • FDA compliance, easy sterilization, low friction coefficient and opacity, and excellent translucency.
  • Very low levels of extractables in soft-durometer tubing – a cost-effective alternative to silicone.

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