Dip-Molded Parts Prototype Development

Move your idea to the marketplace through prototype development services from Kent Elastomer Products, Inc.

We specialize in helping customers transform their custom dip-molding concepts into reality… right here in the U.S. We have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to create dip-molded products – from material knowledge to technical experience to design proficiency.

Each of the following steps plays a critical role in the prototype-development process, helping us turn product around as timely and efficiently as possible.

But first, a note about confidentiality

We ardently protect the intellectual property rights of our customers – including any correspondence and proprietary processes. We encourage you to supply confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements (NDA) for us to sign. If you don’t have an NDA, we can provide a standard one upon request.

Stage 1 – Consultation and Design

Whether you have a vague idea or a drawing on paper, schedule a consultation with our sales team. Come prepared to answer questions like:

  • What does your part need to do?
  • What conditions and environment does it need to function in?
  • Are there any limitations to its shape and size?

We use your answers to these questions and more – coupled with our knowledge of materials and dip-molding processes – to develop a workable prototype plan, which includes identifying our starting point.

Stage 2 – Prototype Process

Using the information we learn from Stage 1, we work with you to develop a drawing of your product that includes part dimensions. We then use this diagram to help you design the right tool (also known as mandrel or form) that forms the shape of your part. We include extra length in our designs so that we can affix the tool securely to our dipping equipment. Our tools are typically made of stainless steel, aluminum or polypropylene. We base that decision on your size, shape, weight and durability requirements.

Stage 3 – Pricing and Lead Times

Prototypes cost $500 plus all tooling charges. Tooling is a one-time fee and something we source from outside vendors. You can certainly provide your own tooling or use your vendors to avoid the tooling charges. Tooling costs are unique to every design, and we provide them for your approval. Tooling lead times are typically three to four weeks. Prototypes are an additional one to two weeks. The number of prototypes/samples that we provide for $500 depends on the number of tools purchased and the complexity of the part.

If you have a dip-molding idea that you want to get off the ground, contact us.

*You must make a payment or have an open account with Kent Elastomer Products before work begins.