PVC Tubing FAQs

What is the minimum order?
Approximately $1,500 for most compounds, per color, per size.
Can I get a prototype order to see if this will work in my application prior to production?
We do offer a prototype run at a minimal charge.
What are the manufacturing capabilities for inside diameters and wall thicknesses?
Approximately .063” (1.6mm) – .750” (19.05mm) inside diameter (solid cord also available).
Capabilities on wall thickness range from .010” (.254mm) to .250” (6.35mm) (depending on inside diameter).
Are cut lengths available?
Kent Elastomer can cut as small as .063″ (1.6mm) depending on tubing size.
Are continuous lengths available?
50′ (15.24m) to 100′ (30.48m) coils available (some sizes can be coiled in 500′ (152.4m) – 1000′ (304.8m)).
Can these compounds be sterilized?
All compounds offered are sterilizable by various methods.
Can any of these compounds be certified as Class VI, NSF or FDA approved?
Many of the TPE and PVC compounds offered are Class VI, NSF or FDA approved.
Are various durometers available?
Kent Elastomer offers a number of PVC compounds with durometers ranging from 40 to 90 Shore A and TPE compounds ranging from 28 to 85 Shore A.
What is the suggested compound for a latex alternative?
Our K4500 compound is the preferred compound for replacing latex.
Is color matching available?
Kent Elastomer offers extensive color matching capabilities including fluorescents.
What are our capabilities on profiles?
Our capabilities range from multi-lumen to various shapes. Please fax or e-mail a drawing for a quotation.
What is the product warranty policy?
Under proper storage conditions, the warrant period is one year from the date of shipment.