Santoprene ™

Soft and flexible, safe and reliable.

Kent’s TPVs are an excellent choice for applications that require performance while remaining economical. For over a decade leaders in the food and beverage industry have partnered with Kent to fill this need. Kent’s TPVs provide durability, flexibility, and excellent long-term resistance to heat, hot fluids, oils, and dairy products. Kent’s FDA-registered facility is maintained and adheres to ISO9000 and GMP guidelines. State of the art in-line laser gauges monitor precise and strict dimensional tolerances.

It exhibits excellent physical properties and performance characteristics, including:

  • Resistance to Ozone
  • Soft rubbery feel
  • Excellent colorability
  • Excellent flex fatigue resistance
  • Can be resterilized
  • Recyclable
  • Low taste transfer

Our customers choose TPV tubing for numerous applications, particularly food/beverage industries and peristaltic pump applications. We carry NSF, FDA and Medical compounds for these markets.

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