Value-Added Philosophy

When you become a Kent Elastomer customer, you gain a complete support staff. Our customers have some remarkable stories about ways we’ve gone above and beyond to help them land a sale, prototype a product or make them look smarter to one of their clients!

We’re nimble – able to create customized products quickly to unique specifications. We can handle assembly, warehousing and shipping for you, if you choose. And you can always depend on our reliable service and timely deliveries.

We build our business on people – our employees, our customers and the patients who rely on quality products to help them heal.

We’re happy to help. We like to think that we supply our customers with more than just product. We supply knowledge and support, too. Try us and see for yourself. Click here to request a prototype.

Quotes from customers:

“Our customer needed to modify their product, and Kent Elastomer was a very helpful part of the process. We asked them to make a part they never made before, and our customer changed it seven times in six months. Kent was with us every step of the way and gave whatever we needed when we needed it.”

“They help me out with industry knowledge. If I’m going after a customer in a particular industry, Kent can tell me what kinds of tubing most of that industry would use and make recommendations. I can sound intelligent with a new customer.”