Why Kent Elastomer Products

What sets us apart from other tubing and extrusion companies? We’re a service company disguised as a manufacturing company. Meaning, everything we do is focused on making the customer experience better, more efficient and more satisfying. Plus we’re the only U.S. manufacturer of natural rubber latex tubing and all our products are American-made.

Our People

Our people believe in each other. We work together in fine-tuned harmony to deliver what you need, when you need it – whether it’s product, prototypes or answers.

Product Integrity

Our products are manufactured to the exacting standards of our customers, and all our products are made in the U.S.A.

Our Knowledge

Our know-how and experience goes to work for you. We partner with our customers to take them through the development process, including prototyping and testing. We apply our market knowledge to identify gaps, interpret what needs to be done and execute.

Timely Delivery

We’re well known for delivering when we say we will, a promise not to be taken lightly in any industry. Time is money, and with KEP, you’ll never be left waiting for a product that doesn’t arrive.

Our Longevity

We’ve been at this a long time (since 1960), but even more importantly, we’ve been doing business the right way all along. Our business ethics and commitment to the industries we serve is respected and appreciated.

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