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June 2022 Anniversaries

June 2022 Anniversaries Summer is a great time to celebrate, especially if you have such an amazing team! At KEP, our team members are the spark that keeps our facilities shining every day. Please join us in celebrating another group with anniversaries this month. A...

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Meet Nick Stump!

Meet Nick Stump! Meet Nick Stump, an Extrusion Operator who has been with KEP for a little over a year! In his role, Nick controls and monitors machines that have thermoplastic materials for various industries. He gets excited when his day at work runs smoothly and...

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Successful Client Relationships

Successful Client Relationships One of our highest priorities as a company is cultivating healthy client relationships. We love celebrating success stories – times where our thriving connections have led to increased trust or business. One success story features a...

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Another Successful Kaizen

Another Successful Kaizen We recently added another successful KEP Kaizen to our books! We gathered a team of various KEP employees, all from different roles and facilities, to work together and solve a problem we’ve been having with our Line 2 Flange Dipping...

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Another Promotion Earned

Another Promotion Earned! We are excited to share that Michael Stecyk was promoted to our new Director of Quality, Regulatory and Technical Services! Michael joined Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. in 2018 as the Manager of Technical Services. He later became the...

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Meet Bryan Hastings!

Meet Bryan Hastings! Meet Kent Supervisor, Bryan Hastings! Bryan has been with KEP since 1989 and he has been a huge asset to our team ever since! A good day at work for Bryan is when everything runs smoothly: his whole team is present, there are no problems, and...

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May 2022 Anniversaries

May 2022 Anniversaries As we enjoy warmer weather and the arrival of spring, we’re also celebrating our awesome team! Out of this group, we would like to highlight Dorothy Stein, an assembler at our Winesburg facility who rounded out an impressive 43 years with KEP....

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Introducing New KEP Videos

KEP Introduces New Corporate and Product Line Videos Thanks to our new corporate and product line videos, we are bringing the heart and soul of KEP to you! Over the years, we’ve noticed that our clients truly witness the value of KEP when they visit our facilities...

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Meet John Wait

Meet John Wait! Meet John Wait, a Utility Operator at our Kent Facility who started with KEP in 2017! John is an efficient, hard worker who thrives when he is learning new things. He loves that in this role, he gets to do something different every day, changing up his...

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Direct, Fair, and Loyal

Direct, Loyal, and Fair It’s always easy for us to brag about our team, but it means even more when we get positive feedback from our customers! Check out what Matthew P., Senior Account Manager at a Polymer Services Company shared about his experience with KEP! “KEP...

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Anniversaries in Bloom

Anniversaries in Bloom April means sunshine, rain, and a fresh batch of KEP team members celebrating anniversaries! This month we have a combined 159 years to celebrate – we are so proud. Theresa from our Wineburg facility is celebrating 32 years while Cristal and...

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Solving a Tricky Tubing Challenge

Solving a Tricky Tubing Challenge Sometimes the common solution isn’t the solution our customer needs. Many times, the solution they are looking for doesn’t exist… yet. That’s where our team of problem-solvers come in! A KEP customer in the food and beverage industry...

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Supplier Partnership

Supplier Partnership At KEP, one of our biggest values is proactive partnerships. We care deeply about the relationships we maintain with other companies, always doing our part to maintain open, honest communication and integrity in our valued work. It’s like that...

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5-Star Customer Review

5-Star Customer Review We consider every partnership an opportunity to connect with another business, helping them grow and thrive. One of the best ways to maintain healthy partnerships is to remind others that we are always available to chat. Whether it’s about their...

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Meet Mike James!

Meet Mike James! Meet Mike James, a long-time team member and Custom Dip Operator at our Kent Facility! Mike is a hard worker who thrives on efficiency and teamwork. He loves that in this role, he is learning new things every day – it’s always something different! For...

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Lucky to Have Them

March 2022 Anniversaries This month, we’re taking a second to brag about our lucky charm and the key to our success – our exceptional team! For March, we're celebrating the hardworking team members from each of our facilities with anniversaries! Of this group, Lisa...

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Meet Luis Perez!

Meet Luis Perez, an Operator/Tender that joined our Mogadore facility within the past year! Luis’s favorite part about KEP is that every day he is able to work with his team to achieve a common goal. He truly is all about teamwork and creating a positive work...

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February Anniversaries

This month we are celebrating 9 employee anniversaries! Our team is full of love and gratitude as we consider their commitment to making KEP a positive place to work. Of this group, Cheri Thompson is passing three and a half decades at KEP! Cheri Thompson – Winesburg...

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A Match Made at KEP

A Match Made at KEP Some call it a match made in heaven – we call it a match made at KEP! It's not unheard of for our employees to find their life-long career AND spouse when they begin working here! With the festivity of Valentine's Day, we thought we'd take a moment...

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Proud to Support the Growth & Expansion of Local Non-Profit

While it's usually our customers and KEP who benefit from our regular Kaizen events, one of these continuous improvement events that we recently participated in looked a bit different. We actually had the opportunity to partner with the Ben Curtis Family Foundation...

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January Anniversaries

January 2022 Anniversaries  We are so excited to celebrate 13 employee anniversaries for the new year! Join us in celebrating the KEP team members with anniversaries this month. Of this group, David Martin, weekend shift leader at Kent, and Yolanda Brinkley, Custom...

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The Harmony of Nature and Business

Rubber improves lives across the globe. Consider where we’d be without rubber to create sturdy shoes, medical tubing, or car tires! As a rubber products manufacturer, we believe in the power of our products. At KEP, we are also proud to approach our rubber...

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Meet Gary Denning

Gary Denning became a Tender in our Kent facility after working as a Custom Dip Operator. His favorite part of working in his new role is that he doesn’t stay in one place all the time – rather, he gets to handle a variety of tasks throughout the day. Not only is Gary...

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Alternatives to Natural Rubber Latex

Humans use rubber for a huge variety of products and tools in everyday life. From life-saving equipment to memory-making toys, natural rubber latex is all around you. And while natural rubber latex has many excellent properties, it isn’t the only material available,...

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Meet Amanda Trolio

Amanda Trolio is an employee at our Winesburg facility. Amanda started in latex tubing in August 2021 and is currently working in extrusion packaging tourniquet bands. We can count on Amanda to work hard to produce products that KEP is proud to stand behind. She is...

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Welcome, Bobby!

Bobby Dalton recently joined our Kent facility's team as National Sales Manager. In this role, Bobby will serve as a point of contact for customers, coordinate with our internal departments, help us meet goals and more. He is excited to play a pivotal role in helping...

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Congratulations, Chris!

Congrats, Chris! Congratulations to Chris Rohrer on her promotion to Manager of Winesburg Operations. Chris has served in previous roles for 20+ years in Winesburg, including shipping coordinator and group leader. She is looking forward to working in the production...

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Congratulations, Cheri!

Congrats, Cheri! Please join us in congratulating Cheri Thompson on her promotion to Director of Winesburg Operations! Cheri has held several previous roles in our facility, including Manager of Winesburg Operations, 1st shift supervisor, Administrative Assistant,...

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December Anniversaries

The Final Countdown! We can't wrap up 2021 without giving a shout out to the final group of KEP team members who are celebrating anniversaries this year! Out of December's group, we have two team members who have been with us for over two decades – Carlos Johnson, a...

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Meet Josh Harstine

Josh Harstine recently became our newest supervisor at our Winesburg facility! Before being promoted to this role, Josh worked as a line coach, backup maintenance tech and a material handler. Josh embraces the challenge of helping to lead KEP into the future and guide...

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