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February 2021 Anniversaries

February 2021 Anniversaries Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow earlier this month, so it looks like we're in for a longer winter. But we don't rely on groundhogs to predict the future here. We already know that our team members are dedicated to KEP for the long-haul!...

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Helping Families Served by RMHA

Helping Families Served by RMHA Our team at KEP recently wrapped up this year’s donation drive for the Ronald McDonald House of Akron. We raised a total of $22,056 to donate! On January 19th, 2021, KEP team members Keith Wengerd, April Butcher, Michael Stecyk, Cheri...

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Meet Shelly Lucas

Shelly Lucas has been an extrusion operator at our Mogadore facility for 10 years and has 17 years overall with the company! Shelly is always focused on doing her job with precision – making her a great source for catching any quality issues and helping us maintain...

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January 2021 Anniversaries

January 2021 Anniversaries It's a New Year, but the dedication of our team is nothing new! Join us in celebrating the KEP team members with anniversaries this month. Of this group, David Martin, weekend shift leader at Kent, and Yolanda Brinkley, Custom Dip inspector...

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2020 Seniority Awards

2020 Seniority Awards This month we want to spotlight KEP's 2020 Seniority Awards recipients! Once a team member reaches 5 years of employment with KEP, they receive an award and their choice of gift. Additional awards are given out at each 5-year increment...

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What To Expect When You Partner with Kent Elastomer Products

What To Expect When You Partner with Kent Elastomer Products “Our prospective customers become interested in what we do only after they understand how much we care. Our sales and service team's mission is to show genuine care and concern for each of our customers'...

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Meet Sarah Plum

Sarah Plum has been a custom dip operator at our Kent facility for five years, after starting as an assembler at our Mogadore facility. Sarah recently finished training to run all lines in custom dip. Sarah is a hard worker who prides herself on completing her jobs...

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We’re happy to help!

The KEP sales process usually starts with a simple question from a potential customer – “Can you help us?” And our response is “Happy to help!” From this root question, our sales and service team members take our customers down many paths to ensure we provide the...

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December 2020 Anniversaries

The Season of Giving This is the Season of Giving, but our team members give KEP their 100% every season! We have another great group of KEP team members celebrating anniversaries this month. Two of these team members who have been with us the longest are Carlos...

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Best-In-Class Partners

Best In Class Partners We not only want to be great partners for our customers and suppliers, we aim to be a “best-in-class” example of partnership! “Kent Elastomer Products has been a significant customer to our business for over 30 years! Working with Kent Elastomer...

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Partnering with Suppliers

Just as we aim to be a great partner to our customers, we also know the importance of expanding our relationships into successful partnerships with our own suppliers. “Kent Elastomer Products has been a significant customer to our business for over 30 years! Working...

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100% American-Made

100% American-Made Elastomer Products Manufacturing quality, American-made products is something we’re very proud of – and it makes us equally proud to play a role in helping our customers offer American-made products. A new customer came to us with this very goal –...

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November 2020 Anniversaries

As we're giving thanks this month, we can't forget about our dedicated team members who are celebrating anniversaries! We want to highlight Don Tomello, Gregory Graham, April Butcher and Carrie Ewart, who have been with us for over a decade – or two! Thank you to all...

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Improving Processes & Building Relationships

Improving Processes & Building Relationships KEP’s Kaizen improvement events are an important part of our success story for many reasons. Holding hundreds of these Kaizen events over the years has not only made a positive impact on our bottom line, they have also...

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Meet Kirsten Reinker

Kirsten Reinker is our newest supervisor in our Mogadore facility, with less than a year of supervising under her belt. Despite her lack of extensive experience, she is proving to be very thorough. She soaks up advice like a sponge and applies lessons learned...

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Overcoming Our Limitations

In less than ten years, from the late nineties to 2006, Kent Elastomer Products went from a small, pilot dipping operation with little room to grow, to arguably the largest batch dipping operation in the United States. Sales in this product line have multiplied...

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Spirit of Women in Business Conference Participants Since 2010

KEP’s team members are original participants in Kent State University’s Spirit of Women in Business conference. Our involvement began in 2010 when Bev Kiglics saw an announcement for the very first Spirit of Women in Business Conference. Bev invited four other women...

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Dedicated to Providing Solutions

Dedicated to Providing Solutions As our customers’ needs change, we are quick to react and provide solutions. One of the ways we have recently demonstrated this commitment to customer solutions was with an immediate reaction to a customer’s request for new materials...

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ISO Re-certification Remote Audit

ISO Re-certification Remote Audit CREATIVITY and FLEXIBILITY are two crucial skills needed to function during the 2020 pandemic environment, and maintaining a certified ISO-based quality system is no exception. With quarantine requirements instituted between some...

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October 2020 Anniversaries

It's "Spooky Season" – but one thing that has been no Trick and all Treat is our amazing team members! This October, we are shouting out Brenda Carrick who is a KEP team member who started in 1977! An Inspector in our Winesburg facility, Brenda inspects our latex...

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Meet Michael Singharath

Michael Singharath works as a tender at our Mogadore facility. A newer addition to the KEP team, rounding out 2 years in January, Michael has already made clear his dedication to keeping our operations running smoothly and is always excited when new opportunities are...

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6 Months Later – KEP Challenges & Accomplishments

6 Months Later – KEP Challenges & Accomplishments It will take time to understand the full impact of the 2020 pandemic – on our company, industry and even our families and communities. But in just six months, we already have gained perspective on KEP’s response to...

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Happy Retirement, Karen McRobie!

Happy Retirement, Karen McRobie! After 45 great years with KEP, we wish Karen McRobie a happy retirement! Karen worked at our Winesburg facility as our Shipping Coordinator / Administrator! While we were sad to see Karen go, we are so excited for her to enjoy this...

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KEP’s Key to Transformation

KEP's Key to Transformation Nobody had more influence in changing Kent Elastomer to what we’ve become than Murray Van Epp. Murray was hired at KEP as Executive Vice President of Sales in 1988 after a career in pharmaceutical sales, then later, as VP Sales for...

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September 2020 Anniversaries

We have another month of team member anniversaries to bring recognition to! For the month of September, we are highlighting Karen Raber who joined the KEP team all the way back in 1978! Karen currently works as an inspector on our latex tubing line in Winesburg. This...

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A KEP Success Story

A KEP Success Story - Renée Onesti Renée Onesti began working with KEP in 2007 as the Manager of Plant Engineering and Maintenance and was promoted to Director in 2009 and Sr. Director in 2019. Renée has been in the manufacturing field for over 20 years and is...

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Order Entry – Now Paperless.

KEP employees are regularly asked to participate in kaizens – a term meaning “continuous improvement.” They bring together workers from different departments with different insights and years of experience. The result is typically a solution that works for all...

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August 2020 Anniversaries

August 2020 Anniversaries It is time to celebrate August anniversaries! This month we'd like to highlight Curt Dixon who 43 years ago joined the KEP team right out of high school. Beginning his career with KEP in the latex tubing dip room, he transitioned to extrusion...

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Meet Destiny Gordon

Destiny Gordon joined KEP at our Mogadore facility in 2019. She is an Assembler and Extrusion Operator. Her tasks include coiling and assembling medical tubing and clamps to be used in hospitals and other health care facilities. She enjoys coming to work each day and...

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