Kent TPE Biopharmaceutical Tubing

Kent Elastomer Products is proud to offer Kent Biopharmaceutical Tubing, biopharmaceutical tubing engineered to meet the highest medical industry standards.

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Advantages of Kent Biopharmaceutical Tubing

Minimize Leachables & Extractables
Maintaining the purity and integrity of your biopharmaceutical products is paramount. Our TPE biopharmaceutical tubing is carefully formulated to minimize the risk of leachables and extractables, ensuring that your valuable compounds remain uncontaminated throughout the biopharmaceutical manufacturing and delivery process. With our K-Flex™ tubing, you can have confidence in the purity and safety of your products.
High Burst Strength
In demanding biopharmaceutical applications, tubing integrity is crucial. Our TPE biopharmaceutical tubing is engineered with exceptional burst strength, capable of withstanding the rigorous pressures and stresses encountered during fluid transfer and pumping operations. Trust our tubing to provide high quality biopharmaceutical solutions that deliver the durability and reliability you need to maintain uninterrupted processes and prevent costly downtime.
Extend Pump Life
Peristaltic pumps are commonly used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and the longevity of your tubing directly impacts pump performance and maintenance costs. Our TPE biopharmaceutical tubing is formulated to resist wear, abrasion, and premature degradation, maximizing the life of your pumps. Count on our K-Flex™ tubing to deliver extended pump life and enhanced operational efficiency.
Chemical Resistant

Biopharmaceutical processes often involve aggressive chemicals and solvents. Our TPE biopharmaceutical tubing exhibits exceptional chemical resistance, providing a barrier against degradation. From harsh cleaning agents to potent pharmaceutical compounds, our TPE tubing maintains its structural integrity, ensuring the reliability and safety of your manufacturing processes.

The Exceptional Biopharmaceutical Solution

At Kent Elastomer Products, we’re committed to high-quality products and efficient solutions. Therefore, when it comes to providing solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical industries, our goal was to create a biopharmaceutical tubing product that was both durable and cost-effective, allowing you to save money while providing vital biopharmaceutical solutions.

Benefits of Kent Biopharmaceutical Tubing

TPE Kent Biopharmaceutical Tubing Applications

Most common biopharmaceutical tubing applications:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech processing
  • Vaccine manufacturing
  • Ultra-pure sterile fluid transfer

Versatile Fluid Processing Uses

Kent biopharmaceutical tubing was designed to provide a variety of biopharmaceutical solutions for fluid processing. Kent biopharmaceutical tubing is durable enough to maintain its physical properties following sterilization processes, offers excellent kink resistance, good clarity, and minimal spallation.

Meets Testing & Compliance Standards

Full Biophorum Operations Group (BPOG) extractable test protocols have been performed on Kent biopharmaceutical tubing tubing by a fully accredited, third-party test lab. Kent Elastomer’s Kent biopharmaceutical tubing TPE biopharmaceutical tubing also complies with USP Class VI and ISO standards.

Kent Biopharmaceutical Tubing: A Cost-Effective & Sustainable Option

With a recent focus on sustainability improvements in the medical industry, TPE tubing is an excellent option for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Not only is Kent biopharmaceutical tubing able to withstand temperatures ranging from -30º C to 90º C (-22º F-194º F), it is also a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative.

Single-use Kent Biopharmaceutical Tubing TPE tubing offers:


Decline in total water & energy consumption


More favorable CO2 footprint


Lower initial investment costs