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Dip Molded Parts

High quality, consistent dip molded products from KEP manufactured with natural rubber latex and synthetic latex compounds.

Dip molding products to fit the form and functionality of your application.

KEP’s experience and innovation – including prototype development – give our customers the edge in high-quality, durable dip molded parts.

KEP collaborates with you to keep you on schedule with custom-made dip molded parts made to your exacting specifications.

Dip Molding Rubber

Under deadline? Minimize start-up costs and shorten product-development cycles with the help of our experts. With years of expertise in the rubber industry, KEP can help with everything from dip molding material selection to rapid prototype development and manufacturing services. Bring us your challenge, and we’ll get to work.

We make many dip-molded products: probe covers, bellows, neck seals, and a variety of other unique shapes and sizes. If you have an unusual shape or size that you need, we may be able to meet your specifications.

Dip Molding with KEP

KEP offers dip molding services ranging from prototyping to dip molding final products to your exacting specifications, assembly and more. 

So, what is dip molding? 

Dip molding latex is a versatile manufacturing process that creates hollow products using a mold. Many products in the medical and surgical industry are made from dipping plastic parts. Here at KEP, you are welcome to choose from our specialty line of natural rubber latex and synthetic latex compounds for your dip molded products.

There are many benefits of choosing dip molding manufacturing for your rubber products. Custom dip molded products from KEP are high quality and consistent. Dip molding is also a quick process, great for when you need rapid, cost-effective manufacturing. 

Dip molded prototypes allow you to experiment with new product ideas. KEP protects your intellectual property rights through every step of the prototyping process, so you walk away with a product that is 100% your own.


Dip Molded Prototype Development

Move your idea to the marketplace through our prototype development services.

Dip Molded Parts Specifications

  • A wide selection of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses.
  • A specialty line of latex and non-latex compounds to choose from, including natural rubber latex, neoprene and synthetic polyisoprene.
  • Small to medium-run batches, helping you meet tough deadlines.
  • Low-cost prototype development.

Dimension Requirements

  • Part dimensions can range from 1″ (25.4mm) to 20″ (508mm) in length and .25″ (6.35mm) to 12″ (304mm) in diameter.
  • There will be a consistent wall thickness.
  • Parts can be no larger than five times the diameter of the open end. This allows us to strip the part from the dipping form without unnecessary stretching or damage.

Form Guidelines

  • Forms should have rounded contours. This enables material to flow during the dipping process.
  • Please avoid sharp angles and/or flat surfaces that run parallel to the material’s surface.
  • You can provide forms or we can create forms for you that meet your specifications. If you want us to create your forms, please provide detailed dimensional drawings. It helps ensure that we tool the forms accurately.

Dip Molded Parts FAQS

What is the minimum order?
$1,000.00 minimum order on Custom Dip or prototypes
Can I get a prototype run for testing prior to production?
Yes, costs vary depending on tooling and material.
Can parts be sterilized?
All materials can be sterilized.
What are the capabilities in regard to sizes?
Due to the variation of all sizes and their application, we will evaluate all drawings.
What is the shelf life of latex?
Using proper storage procedures, natural rubber latex will maintain physical properties for a year or more
What are the recommended storage procedures?
  • Product should be stored in containers, sealed from airflow and light.
  • Packaging should provide protection from crushing.
  • Particular storage conditions should be at temperatures not exceeding 77° F (25° C).
  • Storage should be free of Ozone producing machinery.
What is the product warranty policy?
Under proper storage conditions, the warranty period is one year from the date of shipment.
What dip molding compounds are available?

KEP offers dip molding products made from natural rubber latex, neoprene, and synthetic polyisoprene.

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