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KEP is the leading provider of quality tubing and products to the orthodontic industry. Orthodontic product manufacturers know they can count on KEP for quality, expertise, and custom solutions. We are committed to constant improvement of product and production quality, so our clients are always getting the very best.

Orthodontic Tubing

An orthodontist and their team of orthodontic assistants may see dozens of patients every single day. As a result, orthodontic tubing gets a lot of heavy use during working hours. These products must be able to endure regular handling and jostling without any loss of quality or function. Another necessity is sterilization capabilities. Hygiene and sanitation are vital in both orthodontic and dental practices, so orthodontic tubing must be easy to sterilize, in order to protect patients from cross contamination.

KEP is proud to offer orthodontic tubing that meets all of these criteria. We prioritize flexibility and durability when developing compounds for orthodontic tubing . All of our products are available in both natural rubber latex and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Natural rubber latex offers many of the desirable material properties, such as flexibility and durability, that are vital in orthodontic tubing . TPE matches the performance profile of natural rubber latex, without any latex, which is ideal for people with latex allergies or sensitivities.

KEP can manufacture many different varieties of orthodontic tubing, such as:

Orthodontic Suction Tubing

Orthodontic suction tubing refers to virtually any tubing that creates a secure connection between the central delivery system and a specific instrument or tool. Orthodontic suction tubing must be durable and easy to connect and disconnect for efficient use throughout the day.

Orthodontic Handpiece Tubing

Orthodontists and orthodontic assistants use a range of handheld tools during patient care. This may include high- or low-speed handpieces, electric handpieces, and handpieces specific to surgery, endodontics, and implants. These tools may have air or water nozzles or spinning components that require constant power. Orthodontic handpieces require tubing that can steadily transport the necessary elements from a central system to the tool itself while the tool is in use.

Saliva Ejector Tubing

One of the less glamorous elements of orthodontic and dental work is the near-constant need to remove excess saliva from a patient’s mouth. The saliva ejector itself relies on suction power to remove saliva in an efficient, hygienic manner, which requires specialized tubing. Saliva ejector tubing needs to deliver constant suction and transport fluid away from the patient while in service.

Other Orthodontic Products

Orthodontists and dentists use many of the same products, including dental and orthodontic tubing, throughout the day. However, there are a few products that are exclusive to the world of orthodontics, such as retainer bands.

Retainer Bands

Many orthodontic patients who wear braces are required to use elastic bands for part of their treatment. These elastic bands are attached to tiny hooks on the brace and are strong enough to correct misalignments in the patient’s bite by moving the jaw over time.

Orthodontic retainer bands are subjected to constant stretching and pulling while in use. Any time the patient speaks, yawns, or otherwise moves their jaw, the band moves as well. The band must be able to retain its tensile strength so as not to compromise the bite alignment process.

KEP is proud to make strong, elastic retainer bands for orthodontic treatment. We can make retainer bands in natural rubber latex or latex-free TPE.

Custom Orthodontic Products From KEP

Just like every patient needs specialized care, every orthodontic and dental practice needs specialized products.

At KEP, we specialize in making custom products for dental and orthodontic practices. We can match virtually any specification for orthodontic tubing, including inner and outer diameter, thickness, color, and length. All of our orthodontic tubing is available in custom lengths, so you can decide exactly how much you need. We can also help you understand the differences between natural rubber latex tubing and TPE tubing and help you determine how much you need of each type.

We can also customize retainer bands and other bands for orthodontic treatment. We can produce a variety of sizes, forces, and colors to meet your specific needs. We also offer both natural rubber latex and latex-free elastic bands, so you always have an option for patients who are sensitive or allergic to latex.

Our goal is to streamline the production process as much as possible for our clients. For that reason, we have also invested in on-site labeling and packaging capabilities.

KEP is your one-stop shop for high-quality orthodontic tubing, products, and supplies. To learn more about what we can do, talk to a member of our team.

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