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What do spearguns, slingshots, and sunglasses have in common? Kent Elastomer Products! We have years of experience manufacturing custom tubing for a wide range of sports and leisure applications, from sunglasses retainers to speargun tubing and beyond. Sports and leisure companies can count on KEP for the quality and precision they need to deliver excellent products to their own customers.

Versatile Options for Sports and Leisure Products

From flexible tubing to dip-molded components, KEP manufactures customized parts for everything from paintball guns to launching systems and beyond. We can modify virtually any spec to meet your exact requirements, from size to color to compound.

Sports and leisure tubing is often subjected to rigorous use and, for products that are used outdoors, intense service environments. KEP’s proprietary natural rubber latex compound offers the performance and resistance to ensure excellent performance under any circumstances. Our natural rubber latex tubing for sports and leisure applications has excellent gripping power, maintains flexibility at a wide range of temperatures, and is resistant to abrasion. Our unique dipping process eliminates die lines, seams, and other imperfections, creating a smooth surface for smooth operation.

Sports and Leisure Tubing Applications

Many types of sports and leisure equipment use flexible tubing to perform key functions, from power transmission to manual resistance for strength building.

Bow Peep Sights

Many archers who use compound bows prefer to use a peep sight to sharpen their aim and achieve a straight shot every time. Peep shots are secured in place with specialized tubing, which is subjected to repeated stretching and a wide variety of service environments. Bow peep sight tubing must have excellent elasticity and maintain correct alignment while in use. Additionally, because bows are used outdoors, bow peep sight tubing must be to withstand sunlight, moisture, extreme cold, and any other weather conditions in which it might be used.

Sunglass Retainers

A pair of sunglasses is unlikely to go flying off the wearer’s face during a baseball game or a trip to the grocery store. However, in more adventurous situations, like whitewater rafting or backpacking, there’s a real risk of losing your favorite pair. Sunglasses retainers provide a tight grip on the bows and wrap around the wearer’s neck. Even if their sunglasses do get knocked off, they won’t go far.


From children’s playtime to serious hunting, slingshots have a surprising number of uses. Hunting slingshots rely on expertly crafted elastic tubing or bands to launch a projectile toward a target. Slingshot tubing must be able to maintain its elasticity over time, providing reliable, consistent resistance so hunters can get an accurate shot.

Resistance Tubing

Resistance tubing is a highly versatile and effective option for getting a full-body workout. Resistance tubing is small and easy to store and transport, plus it’s far less expensive than a set of weights or a gym membership. Users can choose between a variety of resistance levels based on the level of intensity they’re seeking and target specific muscle groups—or the whole body.

Launching Systems

Launching systems are designed to send items like water balloons and t-shirts up to 300 yards. The resistance tubing’s ability to stretch and maintain its elasticity helps the system’s ability to send items soaring. Launching systems can also be used solo or with multiple people due to the durability of the tubing.

Speargun Tubing

Spearguns use heavy-duty tubing to launch spears with high precision underwater. One or two tubes are stretched and then released, and that recoil power is what propels the spear forward. Speargun tubing must be able to maintain performance and its physical properties while submerged in saltwater.

Precision tubing from Kent Elastomer Products

The team at KEP understands the importance of high-performance tubing in sports and leisure applications. We have years of experience manufacturing sport tubing that can handle athletic use and a rigorous environment.

KEP understands the incredible diversity of the sport and leisure world and the very different tubing needs of a speargun manufacturer versus a sunglasses brand. That’s why we offer extensive customization on virtually every specification, including inner and outer diameter, thickness, length, color, and more. We work closely with each of our clients to understand the nuances of their application so we can deliver the best possible product that meets their exact needs.

KEP is also proud to offer on-site packaging and labeling services, further streamlining the production process so you can get your products to market faster.

To get started on a sports and leisure tubing project with KEP, talk to a member of our team.


Sports and leisure applications.

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Case Study

Case Study – K-912: Engineering a new standard in strength and performance.

We take pride not only in the products we provide, but the tomorrows we deliver. We never stop looking for the better way to do things – whether it’s developing new services or enhancing products. Find out below how we keep this innovation in action to benefit our customers. *We used to use a specific formula for the K-911 neoprene layer which calls for KEP to buy materials that have prohibitively large MOQs. K-912 uses an existing KEP compound (K-734B) for the neoprene layer. We can make this in virtually any quantity

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Bow Peep Sites

Bow Peep Sites

Sunglass Retainers

Sunglass Retainers



Launching Systems for Model Planes, Gliders and Water Balloons

Launching Systems for Model Planes, Gliders and Water Balloons

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Speargun Tubing

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