Latex Tubing

KEP stands tall as the only U.S. manufacturer of natural rubber latex tubing, providing customers with strong, flexible and smooth latex trusted for generations.

Latex Tubing

We make the latex tubing options to fit your exact specifications, including meeting FDA food grade requirements. We also extensively leach, wash, and surface-treat our latex tubing, thereby reducing protein levels below the limit of detection as measured by FDA-recognized test methods ASTM D5712 and ASTM D6499.

More than 59 years of experience is inside each one of our latex tubing products, which you’ll find in medical, dental, therapy, food and beverage, and exercise applications, just to name a few. We’ll work with you to create your latex tubing order exactly the way you need it.

Latex Tubing Specifications


Click here to learn more about the performance characteristics of our natural rubber latex tubing, as well as access technical specs on our compounds.

Learn more about the compound



While our standard colors include natural amber and black, we can match your order to almost any color. Just send us your specs!


We offer more than 200 size combinations that depend on:

  • I.D.s – Ranging from .031″ (.787mm) to 1″ (25.4mm).
  • Wall thicknesses – Available between .015″ (.381mm) to .333″ (8.458mm).


We developed a custom cutting process where we can cut tubing in lengths from .063″ (1.6mm) to 50′ (15.24m) depending on size.


We package individual orders to customers’ packaging and labeling requirements. We also offer three standard options to choose from:

  • Reel Pack – Convenient dispensing reel that contains 50′ (15.24m) of tubing.
  • Box Pack – Sturdy, flip-top box that holds 50′ (15.24m) or 100′ (30.48m) of tubing depending on size.
  • Bulk Pack – Large shipping box that contains random tubing lengths depending on size and quantity.

Latex Tubing FAQS

What is the minimum order?
  • $500.00 for samples
  • Minimum order is 3,000-4,000 feet
  • We will accept below minimum orders with a $35.00 processing fee
  • We accept all major credit cards
Can natural rubber latex be sterilized?
Natural rubber latex tubing is compatible with steam, ETO and gamma radiation.
Does natural rubber latex possess good chemical resistance?
  • Acid (dilute) – Fair to Good
  • Acid (concentrate) – Fair
  • Alkali – Good
  • Petroleum Products – Not recommended
What is the minimum order on custom runs and custom colors?
Non-stock sizes or colors are 3000′ (914.4m) +/- 20% per color, per size, depending on tubing size.
How soon can my order ship?
Standard sizes usually ship within 3 working days and custom runs within 2 weeks.
What are the manufacturing capabilities for inside diameters and wall thickness?
Kent Elastomer can manufacture tubing ranging from .031″ (.787mm) inside diameters and wall thicknesses up to .333″ (8.458mm) ID and wall thickness combinations vary.
Are continuous lengths available?
Up to 50′ (15.24m) lengths are available on selected sizes. Dipped natural rubber tubing is processed in random lengths
Are cut lengths available?
Kent Elastomer has developed a custom cutting process, which allows us to cut latex tubing to lengths as small as .063″ (1.6mm). Cut angle 90° ± 15°.
What is the shelf life of latex?
Using proper storage procedures, natural rubber latex will maintain physical properties for a year or more
What are the recommended storage procedures?
  • Product should be stored in containers, sealed from airflow and light
  • Packaging should provide protection from crushing
  • Particular storage conditions should be at temperatures not exceeding 77° F (25° C)
  • Storage should be free of Ozone producing machinery
What are the operating temperatures natural rubber latex tubing can withstand?
  • Minimum recommended operating temperature of -65° F (-53° C)
  • Maximum recommended operating temperature of 180° F (82° C)
What is the product warranty policy?
Under proper storage conditions, the warranty period is one year from the date of shipment.

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