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Innovative Alternatives for Silicone Shortages and Price Hikes

Innovative Alternatives for Silicone Shortages and Price Hikes: One Ohio company collaborates to offer relief.

Shortages in the global supply of silicone have resulted in escalating prices, which makers of medical products with silicone components have traditionally responded to with strategies that are not beneficial for the consumer or the company’s bottom-line – including raising prices, absorbing the cost, or exiting the market completely. 

However, forward-thinking companies are seeking to create a new way forward. At Kent Elastomer Products, we are collaborating with compound manufacturers to develop drop-in replacement parts that are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), not silicone.

Download our white paper to learn more about examining products that contain silicone and determining if the compound is absolutely necessary for the application, or if TPE could be the lower cost solution you’re looking for. 

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