What is Polyisoprene?

Polyisoprene is a group of compounds that are synthetic polymers. Polyisoprene is produced by polymerizing petroleum-derived raw material. At KEP, we offer our K-440 synthetic polyisoprene compound – an artificial latex that is compounded to mirror the same in-demand properties as natural rubber latex.

Synthetic Polyisoprene

Synthetic polyisoprene is a better fit than natural rubber latex for many industries because it offers similar physical and chemical properties, but unlike natural rubber latex, it does not present any latex-allergen concerns.



Synthetic polyisoprene contains no allergenic latex proteins. As latex allergies continue to drive consumer demand for safe alternative compounds, synthetic polyisoprene is a top choice for medical and surgical applications, sports and recreation products, and food and beverage tubing, to name a few. Synthetic polyisoprene offers great value as an alternative to natural rubber latex since it offers many of the same qualities without the allergy-causing latex.


Synthetic polyisoprene touts excellent resistance to abrasion, inorganic chemicals, weather, and low temperature environments. This resistance makes synthetic polyisoprene an ideal choice for sports equipment, medical devices and tubing, and more.

Tensile Strength

For products that are going to be stretched or under tension, high tensile strength is an important physical property. With excellent tensile strength, synthetic polyisoprene provides longevity and durability necessary for many applications – allowing for high-quality, consistent results that help protect the consumer’s investment in the product.

Additional Advantages

The homogeneous polymer structure of synthetic polyisoprene provides excellent purity, processability, and consistency. These properties help to simplify manufacturing and quality control, making synthetic polyisoprene an efficient choice for manufacturing.

Polyisoprene Uses

Our K-440 synthetic polyisoprene compound has been tested and passes USP XXII biological Class IV Testing for medical compatibility and is FDA food grade compliant. This makes this compound a top choice for products that will be used in the medical, surgical, and food and beverage industries. From fluid transport tubing to medical devices and parts, sports equipment and more, our K-440 synthetic polyisoprene compound is an ideal choice.

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KEP is committed to manufacturing a synthetic polyisoprene solution that fits the demands of the industry you serve. Talk to our experts about the product you need and we’ll help determine if polyisoprene is the best choice or if another compound would be better suited for the job. With prototype development services built to your exact specifications, assembly services and more, KEP will work with you at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that we cater to your unique needs.

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