Strategies for Successful Procurement Partnerships

Strategies for Successful Procurement Partnerships White Paper Series

Get ahead of your competition – Discover supplier best practices, learn the skills for evaluating and consolidating suppliers, and build active two-way relationships.

This four-part white paper series is a must-read for procurement leaders seeking successful partnerships with suppliers as well as business leaders seeking better relationships with their customers.

In today’s highly-competitive global economy it is important to have a strong overall procurement strategy, including understanding best practices for all stakeholders. Author Joe Williamson, Kent Elastomer Products’ Senior Director of Global Sales & Customer Relations, discusses in this series principles designed to help:

  • Discover REAL value in supplier relationships
  • Learn to assess suppliers and create long-term partnerships
  • Use technology to build smart procurement processes
  • Assess and consolidate the supply chain to reduce costs

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Part 1: Trust and Character – The New Bottom Line in Procurement

Learn the skills behind being a great supplier relationship manager and the risks that come with not having a productive, long-term relationship with the supplier.

Part 1 examines these factors while taking into account the concerns of engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing, and more.

Part 2: Know Your Supplier – How to Experience Transparency & Accountability

Find and manage suppliers that share your company’s values and discover the right digital tools to make supplier relationship management easier.

Part 2 discusses how to effectively onboard and manage suppliers and use the right tools to evaluate and prune the supply chain, contributing to reduced costs and more benefits.

Part 3: Total Cost of Ownership – Unite Cross-Functional Teams

Assess your current procurement strategy — preserve what works best — eliminate inefficiencies — and create new best practices.

Part 3 examines how to assess and balance cost and quality, learning from proven industry practices. Also, learn four high impact criteria for Total Cost of Ownership that will change your procurement process for the better.

Part 4: Total Cost of Ownership – Determining True Product Cost

Learn how to look beyond the obvious for hidden costs and risks in procurement.

Part 4 discusses how to appropriately assess your supply base and potential supplier’s strengths and weaknesses. Boost supplier performance while building good communications that reduce costs and lead to better solutions.

Get Strategies for Successful Procurement Partnerships

Enter Your Email to Download the 4-Part Series

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