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The Benefits of Elastomer Materials for Distribution and Industrial Applications.

Every elastomer compound is a little different, and manufacturers have different priorities with choosing the right material. But most elastomers share a few key physical properties that are important for distribution and industrial tubing applications.


Many elastomer materials are well suited to the rigors of an intense service environment. This may include extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, rough handling, abrasion, repeat stretching or flexing, and other factors. The right elastomer compound will have the tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and other qualities needed to continue to perform as intended, making them an excellent material choice for industrial tubing.


In many applications, even microscopic contaminants can be incredibly damaging and costly to contend with. This includes healthcare settings, laboratories, clean rooms, and more. Many elastomer compounds are excellent for tubing used in sensitive environments where contaminants must be kept to a minimum.


Elastomer is an excellent material choice for tubing, components, and other products that are subjected to repeat flexing and bending while in service. Elastomer materials are highly flexible and can handle a lot of dynamic and irregular movement while in service without losing integrity. Elastomer is also excellent for industrial tubing that must fit into tight quarters, since the material can bend and twist around other components in an assembly.

Quality You Can Rely On.

Kent Elastomer Products (KEP) is the leading provider of distribution and industrial tubing. Our distribution and industrial customers rely on the integrity of our products and our people for a wide range of applications.

KEP has the capabilities and experience to meet the exact specifications of highly customized elastomer products. We can produce tubing and products for highly sensitive research environments, fast-paced industrial production environments, and everything in between. Our manufacturing experience includes:

  • Transfer tubing for single-use and general purpose applications.
  • Precision pump tubing for high-pressure environments and controlled transfer.
  • Vacuum tubing with heavy outer walls and seamless construction.
  • Single-use, disposable tubing for production or research and development.
  • Countless others.

We can customize virtually every specification of the product, including inner and outer dimensions, length, color, and more. We specialize in a wide variety of elastomer materials, so you can choose the compound that best suits your product’s application and service environment. The experts at KEP can work with you directly to refine your product design and material selection to extend the life of your product and enhance performance.

We understand the vital importance of highly precise dimensions for many applications. We maintain extremely tight tolerances to ensure that every product meets our clients’ exact specifications.

Providing Solutions for Distribution and Industrial

KEP is a leading supplier of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), natural rubber latex, and PVC tubing and dip-molded parts for a wide range of industries. Whether you’re a wholesale distributor or a company with a specific need, you can count on KEP for competitive pricing, excellent lead times, and quality rubber products.

KEP products can be found in every application from sampling soil to saving lives, so we understand the diverse needs of varying industries. Our extrusion and dip-molding facilities are equipped for highly customized work. We’ll work closely with you to devise a custom solution that meets your needs and matches your exact specifications.

KEP is proud to offer a variety of additional on-site services to streamline operations for distributors, dealers, and similar businesses. This includes:

  • Custom length cuts.
  • Reel rolling.
  • Packaging and labeling for streamlined distribution.

We can customize virtually every element of the packaging process to support your plans for distribution and resale.

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Thermoplastic Tubing Used in Manufacturing Processes

Thermoplastic Tubing Used in Manufacturing Processes

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