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Ongoing Issues Regarding Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Manufacturing quality products for the medical industry is crucial for saving lives and treating illnesses. However, producing these items still operates as a business. While the primary goal is essential, companies manufacturing medical products often face various challenges and vulnerabilities. Biopharmaceutical manufacturing, like any other business, is subject to external influences. These can impact the quality and efficiency of production and distribution. In this article, Kent Elastomer Products will highlight some of the most common issues affecting biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Disrupted Supply Chain 

A disrupted supply chain is a catch-all term designed to address any time there is a block in the manufacturing, production, or distribution processes. This disruption could be a missing component of a machine that needs reordering, a term of a sale being disputed, or, as the world has recently seen, a shipping complication brought upon by a natural disaster.

Regulatory Compliance 

Medical supplies and equipment are some of the most strictly regulated products today. As a result, the industry is often slow to introduce new products to the marketplace. Products used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing need to undergo a series of tests and evaluations. These help to ensure they are functional, safe, and meet all compliance requirements. Going through the proper protocols can be a process that takes months or even years.

Need for Qualified Professionals 

Due to the heavily specialized nature of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, it requires individuals who have completed the necessary training to produce. However, due to job market trends and various geographic limitations, there may not be enough professionals to create these medical supplies. Working with a limited amount of trained professionals can limit the production capabilities of many medical supply manufacturers.

Mitigation of Shortages

Shortages will likely occur in a manufacturer’s production life. As a result, plans and strategies are often put in place to ensure that even when there is a limited supply of essential components, production can continue in some capacity. Examples of production capacities operating on a limited degree based on shortages are producing an adjusted amount of products, releasing an alternative adjacent to those with the missing components, or temporarily halting all related activities until the need is no longer relevant.

 Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing of Kent Elastomer Products

Kent Elastomer Products has been manufacturing quality medical supplies and other natural rubber latex products for over 60 years. In that time, we have learned how to handle any setbacks or ongoing issues that may arise for our customers. KEP offers the reliability and quality of U.S.-based manufacturing. We are also a vertically integrated manufacturer who pride ourselves on the ability to provide nimble service backed by efficient processes that minimize risks for our customers.

If you need quality elastomer-based Biopharmaceutical Products, Kent Elastomer Products has the manufacturing capabilities and established infrastructure necessary to protect your company’s bottom line, regardless of any issues that may be hitting other manufacturers.

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