We’re the people … who make products that impact people.

The integrity of our product reflects the integrity of our people. They’re who really set us apart.

Our products interact with people in a wide range of applications. From medical and surgical tubing to dispensing cheese on your nachos. In our history, we’ve evolved from a Rubber Latex tubing manufacturer into a diversified supplier of Thermoplastic elastomer tubing, Dip-molded products, PVC tubing, Non-latex Free-Band® Tourniquets and more – all USA-made. Our customers say we make the best products in the industry.

We take the time to listen to you. When you have a complex request, you have full access to our team’s experience and know-how. We also provide design assistance and low-cost prototype development. And we deliver on time, too. Ready to get started? Request a quote today.

In 1960, a unique manufacturing company specializing in dipped natural rubber latex tubing was formed. Today, fifty-five years later, Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. has evolved to offer a wide variety of tubing products and is a major supplier of dip molded parts. We are proud to be a Midwestern company with three manufacturing facilities in the state of Ohio. We have an established reputation of unparalleled quality and service and we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations for performance, timely delivery, and overall value.

Lean Enterprise transformed the culture of Kent Elastomer Products

In 2006, Kent Elastomer Products implemented Lean Enterprise not only as a way to improve efficiencies and reduce scrap, but earn the trust of its employees and empower them to be agents of change for the company.
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Ohio EPA Recognizes Kent Elastomer Products with Environmental Excellence Award

Kent Elastomer Products was one of six companies awarded the 2014 Encouraging Environmental Excellence (€3) Silver Award from the Ohio EPA. This award recognizes recipients for demonstrating a commitment to go beyond compliance, to integrate outstanding environmental management into their core business functions and to develop aggressive performance goals, including a process to communicate the company’s environmental progress to the local community.
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Kent Elastomer’s Continuous Improvement Journey

Change is rarely an easy process. It takes time and more often than not it’s difficult to tell just when a company will see results from It’s continuous improvements.
But the second Kent Elastomer Products Inc. got a taste of that success in 2006, it never looked back.
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Kent Elastomer Products wins 2013 Summit of Sustainability Award

In a five-year period, Kent Elastomer’s Mogadore facility:

  • Reduced garbage dumpster loads from five per week to one.
  • Reduced annual water use from 1.7 million gallons to 280,000, an 84 percent reduction.
  • Reduced electricity use by 13 percent.
  • Cut isopropyl alcohol usage from 917 gallons monthly to 525 gallons. (Isopropyl alcohol is a crucial part of the extrusion process.)

Kent Elastomer Products Corporate Promotional Video

Kent Elastomer Products in Kent, Ohio manufactures a number of latex, elastomer, and PVC products. These products can be found in a broad spectrum of industries, from medical and surgical tubing to dispensing cheese on your nachos. The company started out making rubber latex tubing and has transformed into a diversified supplier of Thermoplastic elastomer tubing, dip-molded products, PVC tubing, non-latex Free-Band® Tourniquets and more. These products are manufactured with the utmost integrity in the USA.