Sustainability – Adding Value

Latex TreeAt Kent Elastomer Products, environmental sustainability means maintaining a balance between nature’s capacity to regenerate and the effect of our business on Earth. Our goal is to make conscious efforts to reduce the natural resources used to meet the needs of our business, employees and customers while being able to preserve the environment.

Latex begins in nature, derived from a natural secretion found in 10 percent of all flowering plants. Because our flagship product is a natural one, it is fitting that environmentally responsible practices are built in to the way we manufacture. Kent Elastomer Products sustains, supports, and upholds a level of excellence in environmental stewardship.

Value for our Customers

TreesOur pledge to sustainability is an investment in our shared future. Our goal is to be our customers’ long-term, environmentally sustainable supplier. We are dedicated to fulfilling customers’ present-day needs while preserving the world for future generations. Green is an essential part of our day-to-day business; it is simply what we do and who we are.

Value for our company

KEP BuildingOur continuous improvement journey changed the culture of our Company. During this journey, sustainability became a focal point for us. We didn’t start out doing it to reduce costs. We did it because reducing our environmental footprint was the right thing to do.

The results are impressive! Since 2007, Kent Elastomer Products reduced water usage by 58%, electric by more than 18%, and gas usage by 13%. Our dumpster pick-ups dropped from 804 per year to 182 per year, a 77% reduction.

“We will undoubtedly be better tomorrow than we are today.”

Getting to this phase of our journey requires dedication, commitment, and participation from everyone to be conscious of our goals and to actively achieve them. Continuous Improvement is a journey and not a destination. We will undoubtedly be better tomorrow than we are today.

“Kent Elastomer’s commitment to the environment is supported by a deep, fully ingrained corporate principle of continuous improvement. This principle is integral to the very existence of the company. Without it, the company could have easily folded, or shipped operations overseas.”– Kent Elastomer’s Ohio EPA E3 award application. 

Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. is Getting Noticed!

We didn’t set out to win awards; we set out to improve our company. We are honored that our improvements along this journey have been recognized by our community.

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