Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)



Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) tubing from Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. is a trusted alternative for many latex and silicone tubing applications.

Your ordering options are as flexible as our product. We manufacture TPE tubing exactly how you want it:

  • Size: We can manufacture TPE tubing from .063″ (1.6mm) I.D. with O.D.s up to 1″ (25.4mm) with a wide range of wall thicknesses. You also can order multi-lumen and solid cord.
  • Color: You should see our color wheel.  We can match practically every color, even fluorescents.
  • Compound: Click here for an in-depth view of our TPE compound offerings and technical specs. We offer FDA, NSF and USP Class VI material compounds for medical and food/beverage applications.
  • Crimping: Our crimped tubing options gives food and beverage suppliers a safe alternative for delivering product. We completely crimp the dispensing end of the tube, keeping it protected until the precise moment of use.
  • Packaging: We can create custom coils or cut tubing to the lengths you need.

Safety and compliance are our key priorities. We produce all of our FDA non-latex materials at our SQF-certified food safety extrusion facility in Mogadore, Ohio.

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