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You can expect to find Kent Elastomer Products food grade tubing in a wide variety of places where food is served, from sporting events to restaurants and cafes.

KEP offers flexible tubing products for dairy and beverages in a broad array of sizes, colors, compounds, inside diameters, and outside diameters. Tell us what you need for your application, and we will make sure you get the tubing you need to run a successful operation. 

With custom labels and packaging to crimped tubing solutions, KEP creates tubing to fit your unique needs, wherever you serve food and drinks. 

Concession Stands 

Serve your customers with confidence knowing your concession stand tubing is safe and sanitary. From sporting events to fairs and festivals, KEP food safe TPE and PVC tubing is there to make sure great days are made better by great food. KEP tubing can be found in nacho cheese machines, serving your favorite snack. 

Soda Fountains & Dairy 

If your food establishment serves soda, we have the products you need to keep it flowing. Restaurants, diners, and cafes all rely on KEP products to provide excellent beverages to their customers. 

Our dispensing units are also perfect for dairy products, including milk, ice cream, and nacho cheese, which makes them the perfect choice for establishments of any size looking to increase efficiency. 

Our crimped tubing features a closed end that remains intact until clipped. This preserves the integrity of your tubing until you are ready to use it for a hassle free experience. 

Sanitation and safety is always of concern when working with dairy products. KEP’s NSF certification means our products have gone through rigorous testing to ensure compliance with all standard requirements. This helps protect consumer safety, and helps you make sure everything you do is compliant with government codes. 

Aseptic Fitment Hoses 

KEP offers aseptic fitment hoses for connecting disposable food containers to dispensing tubes. Our safe and sanitary dispensing solutions are used in products that hold a variety of food and beverages at varying viscosities, and are used by companies in the pouch and box-in-box business.

Aseptic fitment hoses are versatile, so you can use them with almost any filling and dispensing systems. They are perfect for clean fill, extended shelf life, and aseptic applications.

Latex, Polyvinyl Chloride & Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing 

Depending on your needs, you can choose different tubing. Latex, PVC, and TPE tubing are all excellent choices for food safe applications. 

Latex Tubing

KEP’s natural rubber latex tubing is made to fit your exact specifications. We will make sure your product meets FDA tubing requirements. 

Our latex tubing is extensively leached, washed, and surface-treated, reducing protein levels below the limit of detection as measured by FDA-recognized test methods ASTM D5712 and ASTM D6499.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing (TPE)

TPE is extremely clean—so much so that it is used in the medical industry as well as the food and beverage industry. 

TPE mimics the flexibility of rubber, but is more stable when exposed to other materials and a wide range of temperatures.

Polyvinyl Chloride Tubing (PVC)

KEP also offers food safe PVC tubing. PVC is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, and is used for many applications both within and outside of the food and beverage industry. 

Like our latex and TPE tubing, we will create PVC tubing to fit your exact specifications to keep your food operation running smoothly. 

Kent Elastomer Products 

KEP is the trusted name behind the tubing products that keep the food and beverage industry moving. Our customers rely on our sanitary food grade latex and TPE tubing to serve great food and drinks across concession stands, restaurants, and cafes. 

KEP solutions are created with efficiency and safety in mind. We’ll create a tubing product exactly to your specifications, including color, size, and compound. 

Interested in food grade tubing from KEP? Reach out to our top notch customer service team to get started today.

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