Anthony Christopher - Kent Elastomer Products

Anthony Christopher

Commercial Manager of Bioprocessing

Beverly Kiglics

Anthony Christopher joined KEP in May 2023 to lead the launch of the company’s Bioprocessing Product Line. As Commercial Manager of Bioprocessing at KEP, Anthony drives thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing designed specifically for use in biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications to the marketplace.

“You can always accomplish more working as a team than any person can alone,” says Anthony, a former high school and college linebacker for Lake Catholic and John Carroll University. “The same is true in business, if you want to go alone you’ll move quickly but you won’t make it very far.”

“Healthcare has always played a vital role in my life growing up both good and bad, the more I can use my skills and talents to help others the better,” Anthony states. “I love to work and love to make a difference.”

“Kent really has the mindset of a small company while employing many capabilities of large companies…allowing us to reach tier 1 customers while giving them the customer service of a small company.”