August 2022 Anniversaries

As students are heading back to school, we are celebrating our loyal employees and their longevity! And while we might not be attending the first day of school anymore – the best part about our staff is that they are all lifelong learners. They don’t need a classroom to grow in their jobs and share knowledge with others. That is one of the many reasons why our teams stick around so long, it’s part of the KEP culture. This month we are celebrating KEP President Bob Oborn’s 41st year with us! Kenny Robison is not far behind him as he reaches 37 years with us this month. So many valued employees are reaching KEP milestones, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their dedication and hard work! 

Bob Oborn – Kent – 41 years on 8/24

Kenneth Robison – Kent – 37 years on 8/8

John Bragg – Mogadore – 34 years on 8/8

Carol Bockoven – Winesburg – 34 years on 8/15

Deborah Frazier – Winesburg – 34 years on 8/15

Mary Brady – Winesburg – 27 years on 8/14

Donald Leeper – Kent – 23 years on 8/23

Tina Long – Mogadore – 16 years on 8/14

Mark Velka – Kent – 15 years on 8/13

Daniel Febres – Kent – 9 years on 8/26

Kristi McNemar – Mogadore – 8 years on 8/26

Lori Patton – Winesburg – 6 years on 8/11

Diane Chewning – Winesburg – 5 years on 8/7

Shane Divine – Kent – 5 years on 8/21

Brad Huntley – Kent – 4 years on 8/15

Edward Gordan – Kent – 3 years on 8/19

Mitchell Darr – Winesburg – 2 years on 8/12

Zekari Tupa – Kent – 1 year on 8/2

Reagan Dyer – Mogadore – 1 year on 8/10

Amanda Trolio – Winesburg – 1 year on 8/17

Suzanne Little – Winesburg – 1 year on 8/17

Patricia Vansickle – Kent – 1 year on 8/30

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