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What is Biopharmaceutical Tubing?

Biopharmaceutical tubing is specialized medical tubing, often made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), designed for sterile fluid processing applications. Biopharmaceutical tubing offers excellent chemical resistance and burst strength, extends the life of peristaltic pumps and other equipment, and minimizes extractables and leachables, a critical factor in ensuring purity.


Biopharma Tubing Applications

The uses for biopharmaceutical tubing generally fall into one of two broad categories: medical and laboratory.


Biopharmaceutical tubing has a wide range of uses in the medical industry and different healthcare settings. Drug delivery systems, feeding tubes, and IVs rely on biopharmaceutical for sterile delivery of fluid materials. Additionally, high-quality biopharmaceutical tubing can actually extend the life of pumps and other medical devices by mitigating premature wear, abrasion, and degradation.

Drug Delivery

Biopharmaceutical tubing is highly valuable in a laboratory setting and can be used for many different fluid processing and manufacturing applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical filtration
  • Cell culture systems
  • Fluid transfer
  • Vaccine manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech processing

From research and development (R&D) to final product manufacturing, biopharmaceutical companies rely on biopharmaceutical tubing to ensure purity and performance, both of which are critical given the sensitive nature of the work.


How Biopharma Tubing Benefits Companies

Increases Sustainability

TPE biopharmaceutical tubing from KEP is an excellent option for biopharmaceutical companies prioritizing more sustainable products and practices compared to other silicone and metal systems. The manufacturing process for our biopharmaceutical tubing consumes 46% less water and energy than comparable products and has a 35% more favorable carbon footprint.

Boosts Efficiency for Integrators

Some may feel concerned that making the transition to single-use biopharmaceutical tubing would translate to an increase in supply costs. However, single-use biopharmaceutical tubing offers significant time savings to integrators, such as medical professionals and laboratory workers. Cleaning out fully plumbed stainless steel systems, for example, requires a meaningful time investment, whereas simply changing to a new single-use system is far more efficient. This frees up more time for biopharmaceutical companies to focus on developing high-margin product and reduces device downtime between patients and medical professionals.


Processing and Drug Delivery Tubing Supplies From KEP

Kent Elastomer Products is proud to offer top-quality biopharmaceutical tubing for medical and laboratory supply distributors and integrators. Our biopharmaceutical tubing is made with TPE and fully compliant with the rigorous standards of BPOG, ISO, and USP Class VI. KEP biopharmaceutical tubing maintains its durability, kink resistance, and clarity after sterilization, and performs as designed in a wide range of services temperatures, from -30°C (-22°F) to 90°C (194°F). Our tubing also offers excellent burst strength and superior chemical resistance, making it durable enough to withstand intense manufacturing environments.

Biopharmaceutical companies and the medical industry as a whole can trust KEP to manufacture and deliver exceptional biopharmaceutical tubing and other medical supplies that meet their high expectations for purity, quality, and performance. To learn more about KEP biopharmaceutical tubing, how we achieve excellence in manufacturing, and our experience in the medical industry, talk to a member of our team >

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