Benefits of Natural Rubber Latex Tubing | KEP

Natural rubber latex offers several key benefits that make it a highly desirable material choice for tubing in many industries. From medical and surgical applications to industrial manufacturing, natural rubber latex tubing can be found in a wide range of diverse applications.

Naturally Derived

Natural rubber latex is derived entirely from plants. Many plants produce latex, but a high percentage of natural rubber latex used in production of rubber goods comes from Hevea brasiliensis, the rubber tree. Rubber tree plantations have spent many, many years perfecting their harvesting methods to maximize each plant’s production potential and minimize waste.

Flexible & Durable 

Natural rubber latex tubing is durable enough to withstand a fairly rigorous, fast-paced environment. Natural rubber latex can return to and retain its original shape even after being pulled and stretched and is resistant to tears even when the material is repeatedly twisted and bent. Plus, natural rubber latex tubing does not become brittle over time. The material stays soft, pliable, and resilient.

There are many applications in which the resilience and flexibility of natural rubber latex tubing are incredibly valuable. Natural rubber latex is a popular choice for exercise tubing and recreation applications, such as resistance tubes, slingshots, and even the tubing inside paintball guns. Natural rubber latex can handle the wear and tear that these products endure over time.

Does Not Transmit Electricity

Natural rubber latex is naturally nonconductive and does not transmit electrical currents, making it an excellent choice for highly reactive environments. This may include settings of all kinds, from industrial processing and manufacturing environments to automotive assembly plants.

Versatile Material

The many desirable properties of natural rubber latex make it an extremely versatile material, with applications in my industries. Natural rubber latex tubing can be found in laboratories, industrial centers, and the local gym, to name a few.

Meets Quality & Environmental Standards

The harvesting techniques used to collect the material needed to create natural rubber latex makes natural rubber latex more environmentally friendly while meeting quality standards. Natural rubber latex products manufactured from Kent Elastomer Products meet all safe labeling requirements to reduce the risk of latex allergen exposure.

On top of meeting industry standards, we strive to reduce waste in our facilities and participate in environmentally friendly practices. Since 2007 consumption of water, electricity, and business waste has significantly decreased. Reducing waste is part of our commitment to lean business practices. Our third-party partners perform audits to ensure safe manufacturing practices. These organizations include SQF and IMS, and we are proud to be certified by SQF.

KEP Is the Only Domestic Manufacturer of Natural Rubber Latex Tubing

The past few years have illustrated the vulnerability of certain supply chains. Many companies were at the mercy of disruptions that derailed their production timelines and dramatically decreased the availability of critical materials. Some leaders are turning to domestic sources to ensure greater stability.

There is only one domestic manufacturer of natural rubber latex tubing in the United States, and that’s Kent Elastomer Products (KEP). Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in northeast Ohio, so we can monitor your project with our own eyes. This gives us tighter control over every step of the production and quality assurance processes and usually yields faster delivery for you. We can customize virtually every specification, from tubing size and thickness to color and length.

Kent Elastomer Products also offers on-site packaging and labeling services, so you’re not waiting for your product to ship from plant to plant. You can consider us your one-stop shop for natural rubber latex tubing and other quality products.

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