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KEP’s Assembly Capabilities

Kent Elastomer Products (KEP) is proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing capabilities and services, from manual and automated assembly services to inventory management and packaging. We have invested significant time and resources into refining our service offerings to ensure that our customers have access to cutting-edge assembly technology and highly efficient inventory solutions that support their unique needs.

Manual Assembly Services

One of the primary benefits of manual assembly is the constant human insight into the assembly process. Experienced assembly professionals are always looking for opportunities to make the process better and more efficient. Additionally, human eyes can spot potential quality issues very quickly, which allows the manufacturer to investigate right away and reduce the costs associated with lost units.

KEP works hard to create a supportive work environment for our assembly professionals by encouraging growth and development at every turn. As a result, most members of our assembly team have been with us for over ten years—and beyond. Thanks to the experience and institutional memory of our workforce, the level of expertise KEP can provide is truly unmatched.

Semi-Automated Assembly Services

Semi-automated assembly processes combine the best of both automated and manual assembly systems. Some assembly steps are handled by machines, while others are managed by people. Semi-automated assembly systems are extremely customizable: A human operator can be heavily involved in monitoring or handling intricate processes, or their sole task can be as simple as loading and unloading the system.

Thanks to our team’s many years of experience, KEP can design a semi-automated assembly system that meets your exact needs. We can optimize a system that leverages the most valuable aspects of both machine and human assembly processes, so you get the results you want.

Automated Assembly Services

Over the years, tremendous advancements have been made in the world of automated assembly technology. Machines are capable of unbelievably intricate and complex assembly processes, without the risk of human error. Automated assembly is incredibly efficient and can dramatically reduce production timelines in some cases.

At KEP, we’ve made it our mission to stay on the cutting edge of automated assembly technology. We make regular, strategic investments in our automation capabilities so we can deliver the efficiency and precision our clients need.

Inventory Management Services

While many companies manage their own inventory, some may choose to outsource inventory management to an experienced solutions provider. Outsourcing inventory management can streamline cash flow and eliminate the need to pay for expensive warehouse space. It can also save you the headache of managing inventory yourself, which can be a complicated and time-consuming practice.

KEP has refined our inventory management capabilities over the years so we can offer KanBan and just-in-time (JIT) solutions with one-day turnaround times, fast shipping, and customizable timetables. Our inventory delivery offerings are highly customizable based on your company’s needs and production schedule.

Value-Add Services

KEP saves you the hassle of shipping assembled products to a packaging facility—and managing another vendor—by providing additional services to streamline your path to market. We offer on-site packaging and labeling services, including individual wrapping, reels for tubing and tourniquet bands, and custom solutions.

Benefits of Assembly Services

There are many significant benefits to outsourcing manufacturing assembly to an experienced service provider, ranging from cost savings to expedited timelines.

Cost Savings of Manufacturing Assembly Services

Dedicated manufacturing assembly service providers invest regularly in cutting-edge assembly technology and have the space needed for large-scale assembly projects. By working with an assembly service provider, you get access to a wide range of manufacturing assembly capabilities—not to mention assembly experts—without having to invest in the machinery and space yourself. Outsourcing the assembly process to an experienced professional team is much more cost effective than building your own assembly line from scratch.

A Simpler Supply Chain

Many companies have endured the stress and challenge of navigating an unpredictable supply chain. Working with a single manufacturing assembly service provider creates a much simpler supply chain with less risk of unplanned complications. A dedicated manufacturing assembly partner can liberate you from the headache of dealing with shipping mishaps, delays, and other issues ranging from minor frustrations to major disruptions.

Custom Assembly Capabilities

Assembly and manufacturing companies are often equipped with a breadth of assembly capabilities, not to mention ample in-house expertise on assembly technology and best practices. As a result, they can design a custom assembly system that suits your company and your project. They can also make changes along the way to optimize the process and correct issues to improve the end result.

Get to Market Faster

A dedicated manufacturing and assembly services provider will have years of experience designing efficient assembly systems that achieve the level of precision and quality you’re looking for. When you outsource assembly to the experts, you can skip the long hours spent designing and managing your own assembly system, which saves you stress—and gets your products to market faster.

Assembly Support That Fits Your Industry’s Needs

At KEP, we offer assembly services for nearly every product we manufacture components for. This includes dip-molded parts, tubing, tourniquet bands, and more. We’ve assembled millions of components and systems over the years and have invested significant time and resources into incorporating cutting-edge technology into our assembly capabilities.

Once assembly is complete, you can count on KEP for additional manufacturing support services. We offer reliable inventory management solutions and on-site packaging and labeling, all of which are totally customizable based on your needs, budget, and timelines. We strive to be your one-stop shop, so you can minimize the prevalence and stress of supply chain hiccups and issues that may slow down your production timelines.

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