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Bethaney Mucci

HR Manager

Bethaney Mucci

Bethaney became KEP’s first HR Manager in September 2023. Bethaney will play an integral role in building KEP’s HR function to support our company’s growth and our most valuable asset – our people. Bethaney’s manufacturing and software industry background sharpened her expertise in talent acquisition and HR management.

What drew Bethaney to KEP was a passion for the manufacturing environment and working with teams on-site. Bethaney is excited to “help KEP leaders make decisions that are mutually beneficial for the employees and the company’s success,” she says. “Ultimately making the company better and contributing to employee satisfaction.”

Bethaney enjoys spending time with her husband and kids – staying active outdoors, in sports, traveling, celebrations and out in their community. You can also find Bethaney golfing, kayaking and visiting the other side of the pond!