General Labor, Winesburg

Scope of Position:

Personnel are required to cut and strip the mandrel from the tubing, coil and tie the stripped tubing, and clean, gage and reconnect the mandrel. These functions are to be done in a timely manner.

Essential Functions:

  • Cut and strip tubing.
  • Coil stripped tubing into hanks.
  • Gage and clean stripped mandrel.
  • Lace (reconnect) stripped mandrel manually and operate the lacing machines.
  • Operate air manifolds to prevent “bubbles”.
  • Follow directions and instructions.
  • Identify mandrel sizes and sleeve colors.
  • Maintain proper lot traceability of goods.

Range of Physical Activities:

  • Standing/Walking ‑ Continual walking up and down the stripline floor.
  • Pushing/Pulling ‑ Pulling multiple strands of long lengths of heavy tubing and pulling and wiping lengths of mandrel. Pushing containers of tubing weighing up to 120#.
  • Lifting ‑ Containers of up to 40# to a five foot height.
  • Writing ‑ Stripping reports, notes and identification tags.
  • Reading ‑ Procedures, notes, identification tags and instructions.
  • Math ‑ Adding, subtracting, identifying numbers, understanding and using fractions and decimals.
  • Climbing ‑ None required.
  • Manual Dexterity ‑ Personnel must be able to use scissors for cutting tubing connectors, use pliers for connecting the mandrel (lacing), tie hanks, and join tubing ends.
  • Visual Activity ‑ Must be able to identify: tubing and mandrel by sizes and color coded markings, sleeve colors, and correct sleeve needed for mandrel being laced.


Clean working conditions due to medical component manufacturing. Minimal contact with hazardous materials and machinery. Due to physical nature of work, attention to safety is needed to prevent injury to self and others. This position may be required to perform other duties than those listed, as required by management.

Responsibility and Authority Concerning Quality:

It is the responsibility of all personnel in this classification to initiate appropriate action to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformity related to the product and/or process. It will be the employee’s responsibility to identify any problems related to the product and/or process and report this to their immediate supervisor. It is also the responsibility of the employee to initiate, recommend or provide solutions to the problems through the chain of command and to verify the implementation of the solutions. The employee will segregate the nonconforming product until the deficiency, or unsatisfactory condition is corrected or the responsibility of the product is transferred.