Crimped Tubing for Food & Beverage Industry Available Now | KEP

March 2013

New option for food and beverage dispensers from the tubing industry leader

Kent Elastomer Products (KEP) – the people who make products that impact people – have done it again. The company is announcing its new line of crimped tubing for the food and beverage industry. It’s the safe tube – simply attach, clip off the crimped end and go!

Manufactured and assembled in KEP’s SQF-certified food safety facility, with a variety of material options, new crimped tubing gives food and beverage suppliers another option at KEP. The dispensing end of the tube is completely crimped and protected until the precise moment of use.

“It’s always our aim to provide customers what they need to do their jobs safely and more efficiently, while never losing sight of the fact that people are always on the other end of what we do,” said Cindy Harry, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing. “Our new crimped tubing continues this tradition. We’re proud to offer it to the market.”

KEP’s new crimped tubing can be custom-made to many customer specifications such as assembled with fitments and is available with a variety of packaging options including individually bagged and sealed. KEP can even source and manage customer inventory from its warehouse.

About Kent Elastomer Products

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