December 2022 Anniversaries

We can’t say goodbye to 2022 without giving a shout-out to an amazing group of KEP team members who are celebrating anniversaries this month! Congratulations to Carlos Johnson for celebrating 25 years with KEP! Mark Agee and Willie Nelson are both celebrating 16 years on our team and we couldn’t be more thankful. And finally, congratulations to Heather Burrier and Stephanie Alvarado for finishing one full year at KEP! Keep reading to see our full list of December anniversaries!

Carlos Johnson – Kent – 25 years on 12/15

Christine Rohrer – Winesburg – 21 years on 12/10

Mark Agee – Kent – 16 years on 12/4

Willie Nelson – Mogadore – 16 years on 12/4

Doug Brazile – Mogadore – 13 years on 12/11

Jason Sundheimer – Winesburg – 7 years on 12/1

Linda Hitchcock – Winesburg – 3 years on 12/18

Jermaine Moxley – Kent – 2 years on 12/28

Heather Burrier – Winesburg – 1 year on 12/7

Stephanie Alvarado – Winesburg – 1 year on 12/15

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