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Dip Molding Materials

Dip products can be manufactured from a variety of latex and non-latex compounds. These compounds include natural rubber latex, neoprene, and synthetic polyisoprene. Each of these dip molding materials has its individual benefits and shortcomings. The best dip molding material for any given application will depend on that application’s performance demands. 

Elastomer products commonly created through dip molding include surgical bellows, catheter balloons, ultrasound probe covers, and other types of device covers. 

KEP is happy to provide guidance on the best dip molding material for your project. 

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Natural Rubber Latex Dip Molding

Natural rubber latex is a cost effective material choice for dip molding that offers superior elasticity and barrier protection. If an application requires high resistance to abrasion and excellent tear strength, natural rubber latex is a great option. KEP natural rubber dip-molded products also offer high tensile strength at a minimum of 3500 PSI. 

While dip-molded products made from natural rubber latex have latex protein levels below the limit of detection as measured by FDA-recognized test methods ASTM D5712 and ASTM D6499, these products are still best suited to applications where latex allergies are not a major concern. 

Neoprene Dip Molding

Products made from neoprene are extremely durable and latex allergen-free. Neoprene is resistant to flames, weather, ozone cracking, abrasion, alkalis, and acids, as well as moderately resistant to oil.

Like all of our products, neoprene products from KEP are made in the U.S.A. This means shorter lead times and consistent, reliable customer service for dip-molded products. 

Neoprene is a great choice for applications that require latex allergen-free materials. 

Synthetic Polyisoprene Dip Molding

Synthetic polyisoprene is another latex allergen-free replacement for natural rubber latex. Synthetic polyisoprene is also competitively priced thanks to the efficient nature of its manufacturing process. The feel and elasticity is similar to natural rubber latex, but with no potential for Type I latex allergy reactions. Synthetic polyisoprene compounds are more weather resistant than natural rubber latex, but slightly weaker in terms of tensile strength, tear resistance, and compression set. 

KEP’s synthetic polyisoprene compound, K-440, has the same base polymer as natural rubber but is polymerized to create an artificial latex. K-440 has been tested and passes USP XXII Biological Class VI Testing. 

Kent Elastomer Products Dip Molding

At KEP, we manufacture the exact product you need, no matter the industry. Our dip-molded products meet FDA guidelines and requirements set by the FDA for Medical Devices. 

Dip products are used in a variety of applications with different demands. KEP will work with you to select a material and compound that meets your specific demands and manufacture dip-molded products to your exacting specifications.

Our customers depend on our quality compounds to provide the best solutions to help them meet their goals. The experts at KEP support your needs every step of the way, from prototype development through delivery. 

Dip Molded Prototype Development

KEP’s experts work creatively and confidentially to help you bring to life your prototypes for dip-molded products. We follow a structured prototype development process to ensure we meet your needs, address your goals, and work within your budget.

In addition to providing the exact product you need, KEP is proud to provide customer service solutions that help your business run more efficiently. 

These solutions include …

Assembly and Packaging: All products manufactured by KEP are transferred to our finishing and assembly operation to be assembled, packaged, and labeled to your exacting requirements.

Just-in-Time Inventory Service: KEP works with customers to create a system where your products are ready and waiting for shipment at a moment’s notice. 

If you need high quality dip-molded products, KEP is here to provide. We are dedicated to making sure your dip molding project goes smoothly. Learn more about dip products from KEP or contact us today to get started!

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