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Synthetic polyisoprene is durable and its uses are virtually limitless. From surgical tubing to shoe soles, polyisoprene remains reliable.

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Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Thermoplastic elastomer tubing is an efficient and cost-effective alternative for latex and silicone compounds.

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Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is great for extrusion or injection molding and it is a popular material for use in tubing, medical devices, and more.

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Natural Rubber Latex

Derived from nature, customized for you. Our natural rubber latex compounds give you the relevant rubber tubing options to fit your specifications.

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Santoprene™, also known as Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV), are a group of compounds that are easy to work with, dependable, and offer excellent performance.

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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Our PVC tubing is non-toxic, self-extinguishing, and inert, commonly used to replace metal piping. KEP also offers medical PVC tubing that meets necessary requirements.

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Neoprene rubber is resilient and ideal for use in products and industries where resistance to weather and abrasion is necessary.

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KEP Products

PVC Tubing

Our PVC tubing is a leading choice for many medical and laboratory applications. Our experience ensures your medical PVC tubing meets the exact specifications!

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Dip Molded Parts

As a dip molding company, KEP offers dip molding services ranging from prototyping to dip molding final products to your exacting specifications, assembly, and more.

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TPE tubing is a superior choice for the medical, food, and beverage industries because it is easy to sterilize and offers excellent cleanliness properties.

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Latex Elastic Tubing

Our natural rubber latex elastic tubing options will fit your exact specifications, including meeting FDA food-grade requirements, withstanding oils, and more.

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Surgical Tubing

From our on-time delivery to durable performance, our customers count on KEP – and our surgical tubing – for 100% satisfaction in performance.

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Free-Band Tourniquets

KEP manufactures safe, non-latex alternatives to medical tourniquet band products to prevent allergic reactions in individuals with latex sensitivities.

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When you work with KEP, you can trust that we will go above and beyond to help with value-added services. We apply creative problem-solving to all challenges and the result is often better and more efficient than we first imagined. This is what helps KEP continually grow and adapt, helping our customers solves specific problems and expanding our own capabilities.


“Kent Elastomer is truly more of a partner to us than just a supplier. They have always been excellent with communication, very friendly and personable, and worked well with us in any situation. KEP has been very manufacturing focused and has helped to keep our costs down. Whenever we have faced any supply changes, KEP has always worked together with us to get through the challenges.”

Michelle M.

Medical Device Company

Natural Rubber Latex Tubing

KEP uses latex, PVC, TPE and other high-performance materials to manufacture products to our customers’ specifications.

See how our experts create quality natural rubber latex products:

We Serve

Biopharmaceutical Medical & Surgical

KEP products are used in surgical tubing, medical tubing, blood pressure cuff tubing, and much more. You can trust our products to meet all specifications and to be delivered on time because we know how important these products are to you and your patients.


Orthodontic tubing gets a lot of heavy use during working hours. These products must endure hours of use while still maintaining sterilization capabilities. KEP is the leading provider of quality tubing and products to the orthodontic industry – customers know they can count on KEP for quality, expertise, and custom solutions.

Food & Beverage

KEP is proud to offer a vast range of customization options for food and beverage tubing. We offer multiple material options that give you the flexibility to choose the right material for your food or beverage product, the temperature of the service environment, desired material properties, and more.

Sports & Leisure

From flexible rubber tubing to dip-molded components, KEP manufactures customized parts for everything from paintball guns to launching systems and beyond. We can modify virtually any spec to meet your exact requirements, from size to color to compound.

Industrial & Distribution

KEP’s distribution and industrial customers rely on the integrity of our products and our people for a wide range of applications. We can produce tubing and products for highly sensitive research environments, fast-paced industrial production environments, and everything in between.

Laboratory Supply

KEP is a leading provider of laboratory tubing and supplies, manufactured on American soil. We produce natural rubber latex and TPE tubing for connecting glassware, Bunsen burners, and other laboratory equipment.

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