Celebrating Our February Anniversaries!

We are full of love for our February team member’s anniversaries! Maybe we sound like a broken record – but KEP truly wouldn’t be who we are today without these hardworking employees. Thank you to Cheri Thompson, our Director of Winesburg Operations, for your 37 years of service to KEP! We are incredibly grateful for your leadership at our Winesburg facility. Congratulations also to Mark McCune from Kent on 33 years with our team! And finally, we’d like to welcome Tyler Kaehne to KEP – congratulations on completing your first year here! Read about the rest of our February anniversaries >

Cheri Thompson – Winesburg – 37 years on 2/25
Mark McCune – Kent – 33 years on 2/20
Brandi Howard – Winesburg – 10 years on 2/22
Adam Burns – Kent – 6 years on 2/2
Jeremy Hosey II – Mogadore – 6 years on 2/2
John Wait – Kent – 6 years on 2/21
Billie Bebout – Winesburg – 5 years on 2/6
Tyler Kaehne – Kent – 1 year on 2/21

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