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We manufacture resistance tubing and resistance tubing accessories for resistance training and rehabilitation. KEP resistance tubing is manufactured with our continuous dip-molding process which brings consistency, efficiency and better control to our products – benefitting our customers’ bottom-line and ensuring a quality product.

The only domestic manufacturer of natural rubber latex tubing, our Made-in-America resistance tubing is made from a quality natural rubber latex compound formulated to offer strength with excellent elastic memory, thermal resistance, and UV resistance properties – all contributing to a longer life span. These properties make our resistance tubing ideal for repeated use and exercise applications.

Our resistance tubing is available in a wide range of resistance levels for different strength levels and training objectives. Choose from Pantone colors for your choice of color, including fluorescents and naturals.

Resistance Tubing Applications

Using resistance bands combined with your body weight helps target specific muscle groups. Resistance tubing is used for fitness, exercise and gym use to isolate targeted muscle groups and allow for a full range of motion. Resistance tubing offers an inexpensive and portable way to get full-body strength-training in the gym, at home or on the road.

From shoulder press exercises to glute bridges and more, resistance tubing is ideal for upper and lower body exercises. Common uses for resistance tubing exercises include rehabilitation, conditioning, increasing range of motion, and improving balance and stability.

Our resistance tubing is compact, lightweight, and portable. Since KEP resistance tubing is designed to be so strong, a thinner-walled resistance tube offers a lighter weight with the same strength as natural rubber latex tubing with thicker walls – giving the consumer a less bulky product to tuck away in their gym bag.

Custom Resistance Tubing Products

From attached handles and hooks to other accessories that work in conjunction with the resistance tubing product to allow for a specific exercise and more, our experts will work with you to manufacture and assemble the exact solution you need.

Does KEP resistance tubing sound like it could be the perfect solution for your company? Contact us today to talk with our experts about manufacturing a product to your exacting specifications or to request a sample.

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