KEP Introduces New Corporate and Product Line Videos

Thanks to our new corporate and product line videos, we are bringing the heart and soul of KEP to you! Over the years, we’ve noticed that our clients truly witness the value of KEP when they visit our facilities – experiencing our work environment, meeting our team, and observing our product lines. Not only did these visits give us space to connect with clients, but it gave them a stronger understanding of who we are and what we do.

So when the pandemic put a stop to those visits, we knew we needed to find a way to virtually share the KEP experience with others. That’s when we decided to pull out all the stops to create these high-quality videos that showcase the heart of KEP! Even as we are able to bring back in-person visits, we see these videos as a huge asset for our clients and employees. For clients that aren’t able to make it for an in-person visit, these videos show them a side of our company they wouldn’t witness otherwise.  Not only do they get a front-row seat to how our products are created, but they see the talented people who make them! They are even a huge asset for employee training – giving new hires an overview of our operations, and tangibly showing them our values. We are thrilled that these videos also permit bilingual options, allowing us to be inclusive and reach a wider audience.

In the videos, you will witness the processes that have made us industry leaders for 60+ years. From custom dip molding and extrusion to natural rubber latex tubing, watch how our team works together to create products that have satisfied customers for decades. Not only that, but these videos dive into our Green Business Practices, our passion for staying made in the USA, and a corporate overview of our company. We are confident that these videos are the perfect solution – giving you an up front look at our operations and wonderful team!

Enjoy our new videos and look out for more from KEP as we share updates on social media. There are big things coming as we look to grow our company and even expand our facilities. We are constantly moving and improving – so try to keep up with us!

Watch New KEP Videos > 

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