January 2022 Anniversaries 

We are so excited to celebrate 13 employee anniversaries for the new year! Join us in celebrating the KEP team members with anniversaries this month. Of this group, David Martin, weekend shift leader at Kent, and Yolanda Brinkley, Custom Dip inspector at Winesburg, have just passed or are nearing three decades with KEP!

Give a high-five to all of these team members:

David Martin – Kent – 33 years on 1/9

Yolanda Brinkley – Winesburg – 29 years on 1/11

Shelly Lucas – Mogadore – 18 years on 1/8

Beverly Kiglics – Mogadore – 14 years on 1/2

Thomas Pilcavage – Kent – 13 years on 1/26

Sara Connor – Kent – 8 years on 1/15

Matthew Life – Kent – 8 years on 1/20

Malinda Mann – Winesburg – 6 years on 1/5

Patricia Butler – Winesburg – 6 years on 1/5

Dominik Marxen – Mogadore – 3 years on 1/7

Nicole Casada – Winesburg – 3 years on 1/21

Julie Pike – Kent – 2 years on 1/27

Rebecca Voltz – Winesburg – 1 year on 1/19

Valerie Ray – Winesburg – 1 year on 1/19


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