June 2022 Anniversaries

Summer is a great time to celebrate, especially if you have such an amazing team! At KEP, our team members are the spark that keeps our facilities shining every day. Please join us in celebrating another group with anniversaries this month. A HUGE congrats to Chuck Brady for celebrating 40 years at KEP! Brad Walker and Nancy Miller aren’t far behind. We also have four team members rounding off their first year with us – we are so thankful they are here!

Chuck Brady – Kent – 40 years on 6/1
Brad Walker – Kent – 39 years on 6/6
Nancy Miller – Winesburg – 37 years on 6/26
Darlene Miller – Winesburg – 35 years on 6/29
Clarissa Fashbaugh – Winesburg – 34 years on 6/27
Melanie Pope – Winesburg – 33 years on 6/28
Kelli Miller – Winesburg – 30 years on 6/16
Cindy Franks – Winesburg – 24 years on 6/1
Dixie Marchand – Winesburg – 24 years on 6/8
Kimberly Slemmer – Winesburg – 16 years on 6/19
Deborah Slinger – Mogadore – 13 years on 6/8
Leo Maxfield – Mogadore – 7 years on 6/1
Donna German Schultz – Winesburg – 6 years on 6/27
Melody Renner – Winesburg – 5 years on 6/27
Natasha Myers – Mogadore – 5 years on 6/27
Haley Buchanan – Mogadore – 4 years on 6/12
Maxwell Siglow – Kent – 1 year on 6/21
Melody Dunn – Mogadore – 1 year on 6/21
Samantha Washburn – Winesburg – 1 year on 6/22
Branden Alsept – Winesburg – 1 year on 6/29

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