Captain & Tennille was at the top of the charts and JAWS was in theaters when Karen McRobie joined the KEP team 45 years ago. While this has many of us feeling nostalgic – Karen’s unwavering commitment to KEP is one thing that has never changed. Congratulations and thank you to Karen, and all of our hard working team members celebrating anniversaries this month – which add up to a combined experience of 372 years!!

Karen McRobie – Winesburg – 45 years on 6/25
Charles Brady – Kent – 38 years on 6/1
Bradley Walker – Kent – 37 years on 6/6
Nancy Miller – Winesburg – 35 years on 6/26
Darlene Miller – Winesburg – 33 years on 6/29
Clarissa Fashbaugh – Winesburg – 32 years on 6/27
Melanie Pope – Winesburg – 31 years on 6/28
Kelli Miller – Winesburg – 28 years on 6/16
Cindy Franks – Winesburg – 22 years on 6/1
Dixie Marchand – Winesburg – 22 years on 6/8
Kimberly Slemmer – Winesburg – 14 years on 6/19
Deborah Slinger – Mogadore – 11 years on 6/8
Leo Maxfield – Mogadore – 5 years on 6/1
Donna German Schultz – Winesburg – 4 years on 6/27
Santana Berish – Mogadore – 3 years on 6/12
Melody Renner– Winesburg – 3 years on 6/27
Natasha Myers – Mogadore – 3 years on 6/27
Haley Buchanan – Mogadore – 2 years on 6/12
Hiedi Billiter – Winesburg – 2 years on 6/26
Zackery Wilhite – Kent – 2 years on 6/28

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