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Kanban: Just-In-Time Inventory


Orthodontic equipment manufacturer


A leading manufacturer in the global orthodontic market – and longtime Kent Elastomer Products customer – asked for our help in creating a just-in-time inventory delivery system. The system had to be set up in a Kanban design to automatically replenish inventories so that material would be ready to ship within one day.


Historically, we processed materials to fill specific customer orders. Holding finished material in a Kanban fashion would require a procedural change on storage, handling and labeling. This customer required that each carton be labeled with specific information, including purchase order number, which isn’t available until the day materials is released for shipment. We needed to:

  • Determine a new process flow
  • Specify a procedure for finished goods stocked without a specific purchase order number
  • Develop restocking requirements and time frame for the Kanban
  • Build stock to fill the requested inventory


A team of Kent Elastomer Products employees was selected to determine the method and process that met the goals and expectations of the customer. Stock was filled in a timely fashion, and the customer is submitting releases that are often filled and shipped the same day.

This same process has been duplicated for additional satisfied customers who wanted to have materials ready and waiting for their release. We currently have more than 1 million feet of different sizes and quantities of tubing ready for shipment at a moment’s notice.

Would your business benefit from a just-in-time inventory delivery system? We can help you too! Contact us today.

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