July 2008


Kent Elastomer Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Meridian Industries, Inc., and a leading provider of dip-molded parts for the medical market, has increased its choice of materials available within the company’s dip molding technology.

Kent is now able to offer dip-molded parts made of synthetic polyisoprene. This material has the look, feel and physical properties of natural rubber latex. The material is translucent, possesses high temperature stability for sterilization and does not have the proteins associated with natural rubber latex, making it ideal for medical applications.

Cindy Harry, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, commented:

“Kent Elastomer Products has always excelled at finding solutions for difficult applications and meeting tough deadlines. By specializing in small to medium run dip-molded batches, we offer the ultimate flexibility when it comes to a wide choice in shapes, sizes, wall thicknesses and low-cost prototype development.”