Here’s How Our Customer Service Team Helps Our Customers Win

At KEP, we have been in the manufacturing game for a long time. Here’s what we have learned: It is important that we make high-quality products. It is equally important to build strong relationships with our customers based on great communication and outstanding service. That’s why we describe ourselves as a service organization disguised as a manufacturing company.

Our service team is a powerful asset for ensuring customer success. They help provide high-quality solutions that are on time, within budget and exceed industry demands and requirements. By understanding how our team works – you will better understand how we can be an asset to your success.  

“We are the company you want to work with because we will take care of you.”

– Joe Williamson, Senior Director of Global Sales and Customer Operations

We Have a Dedicated Team

Think of us as a team. Your team. Skilled and quick to move. Always working together. And committed to the win—which is YOUR SUCCESS!

One compelling reason many of our customers have chosen KEP for 20+ years is our team brings expertise and dedication to accomplishing their goals. Our outstanding sales/customer service team members Brad Huntley, Cindy Harry, Tom Neilsen and Sara Souvanarath guide KEP customers to successful accomplishments on time, every time.

Our employees are committed to developing a personal relationship with our customers. This relationship, paired with the intimate knowledge of the depth of our expertise, lets our customers feel secure knowing that they are being fully taken care of.

Have questions or inquiries? We know which of our experts to contact and when to bring them in to think through and plan your solution. 

We Don’t Quit

Experience teaches us that persistence pays off. Choose KEP and we don’t quit until our customers receive an on-budget, on-time solution. We have a proven history of working with companies to help them reduce product costs, meet FDA requirements, speed up qualification time, secure just-in-time Kanban deliveries and more. We provide the high-quality solutions our customers need to reduce and mitigate risks that could affect their bottom-line.

Need materials ready to ship the same day? We’ll think it through and figure out how.

Need a high-quality product that meets special requirements that another company couldn’t ensure? We won’t give up until we find a solution that’s practical and profitable.

Have a question? Pick up the phone and call us – we promise a real person always answers the phone. You can also visit our website and select the ‘Ask KEP’ button. It’s our policy that you’ll receive a response within 24 hours. For us, it’s not a matter of giving customers better or worse service than other companies. Our focus is on giving all customers appropriate service.

Get questions answered, request a prototype and discuss the scope of your project – we want to manufacture the solution you need. KEP employees don’t quit until our customers are happy with their service and receive a high-quality finished product.

We Have a Game Plan

KEP leads the way in today’s product innovation, customer service and certified lean manufacturing. What got us here? A game plan that helps us stay committed to our customers’ goals through continuous improvement. Part of practicing appropriate customer service includes anticipating our customers’ demands to ensure high-quality, on-time solutions.

KEP focuses on ways to increase process efficiency and product quality. Our Lean improvement journey started in 2006 when we committed to making continual Lean improvements that would ensure safety, decrease our environmental impact and ensure our customers are receiving high-quality, on-time solutions.

Our employees are invested in our game plan. The contributions made by KEP team members in Kaizen events, Stand-in-a-Circle events and other activities have led to significant improvements in all our facilities. We take as many opportunities as we can to put our top minds together to find ways to improve our facilities. These improvements lead to increased quality and streamlined services for our customers.

Since 1960, our success story is itself a smart game plan. We have expanded from producing natural rubber latex tubing to a wider variety of high-quality thermoplastic and PVC tubing, dip-molded products, and non-latex Free-Band® tourniquets – all from our Ohio facilities. Each of our expansions is rooted in finding ways to bring the best innovations to our customers and meeting growing customer demand for specific product types.

An important part of KEP’s game plan is staying on top of industry trends and customer demands. We want to ensure we are manufacturing the highest quality product for our customers, with the best materials and equipment, that suits the demands of the product’s application.

Dedication. Persistence. Planning. That’s how our team works. Just think of what we can do for yours.

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