On March 8, 2018, it was a great honor for eight of our team members to attend the 8th annual Spirit of Women in Business Conference. Hosted annually by the Kent State University College of Business Administration, The Spirit of Women in Business Conference brings together women from diverse professional backgrounds, active in companies, industries & communities, to share their accomplishments, idea and stories.

The conference featured discussions with keynote speaker Liza Mundy, New York Times Bestselling Author and luncheon keynote Bec Pfeifer, Central market leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). There were also multiple breakout sessions, each with presentation options for attendees to choose from, depending upon which pertained most to their own professional and personal development.

It is always a wonderful privilege to be in the same room with inspirational women who are telling stories and giving examples of how to work to be more successful. In the breakout sessions we share common experiences, successes and tips with other professionals with similar issues and concerns, and give each other motivation to be the best we can be. KEP was a table sponsor this year—we have attended every year since inception. It was an enjoyable and uplifting day and our KEP ladies left feeling appreciated, motivated and inspired!

The speakers also give good reading suggestions to help you accomplish success, like one of our team member’s favorite picks, What Got Me Here Won’t Get Me There by Marshall Goldsmith. This piece specifically focuses on the difference in working to middle management and upper management, where you are leading others. Another session encouraged attendees to make a list of “Glory Moments,” the things they’re proud of professionally, then use this list to keep momentum and strive to achieve more.

Each year the keynote and the classes provide our team members with new insights on how to handle different situations that might come up in the workplace, how to improve and how to lead in the work environment. The various speakers always have helpful points for us to learn and later put into practice. From better communication styles and working to uphold and uplift other women in the workplace, to encouraging women to seek feedback from peers and management in order to improve. Women have voices and its okay to stand out in a diverse workplace.

A very important aspect of this event is that the KEP group of women come together each year and really get to know and respect each other better. It is good for the group to get together outside of the working environment to share stories and ideas that help us all become better at what we do. We get to talk about what is happening at other plants and get information on how we can help each other with any issues we are having. Spending time with “teammates” is always valuable. We get to enjoy each other’s company socially, while we are improving both personally and professionally!

Learn more about the Spirit of Women in Business Conference.

— Beverly Kiglics, Director, Quality Assurance

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