KEP scores BIG fun on GAME DAY!

You wake up early to pick up the crew and then stop for a quick pick me up before you head over to the tailgate. You don’t think about who makes the tubing to dispense the cream into your coffee cups at the gas station—but it’s KEP.

You arrive to the tailgate as sounds of beer cans cracking open, cheers for your favorite team, and the smells of delicious food fill the air. You have plans on filling up on everything from burgers and brats to soft pretzels and nachos. The tubing that dispenses the cheese on your nachos and fills up your cup with a beverage—you probably won’t think about it, but that’s also KEP.

You’re looking forward to the big game and everyone is prepared for kickoff, from the players to the first responders who take their place on the sidelines in case of emergency. This crew is ready with all their necessary supplies and kits which may include Free-Band non-latex tourniquets—and you guessed it! Those are KEP, too.

From the morning tailgate to the final score you can find KEP products helping facilitate game day! KEP products are essential to this industry and many more. Talk to us about how KEP quality and ingenuity can be part of your product, too. Ask KEP.

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