March 2022 Anniversaries

This month, we’re taking a second to brag about our lucky charm and the key to our success – our exceptional team! For March, we’re celebrating the hardworking team members from each of our facilities with anniversaries! Of this group, Lisa Smith, a Supervisor in Mogadore, has now been with KEP for an unforgettable 20 years!

Lisa Smith – Mogadore – 20 years on 3/11

Michelle Walker – Mogadore – 18 years on 3/15

Brock Lauvray – Winesburg – 18 years on 3/30

Nheng Rassavong – Mogadore – 17 years on 3/14

Michael James – Kent – 15 years on 3/21

Derrick Kendrick – Kent – 15 years on 3/29

Terry Powell – Kent – 7 years on 3/9

Matthew Hills – Kent – 5 years on 3/13

Sharee Dyer – Mogadore – 5 years on 3/27

Mizusa Hagen – Mogadore – 3 years on 3/18

Derek Dunn– Mogadore – 3 years on 3/20

Michelle Yoder – Winesburg -1 year on 3/16

Nicolas Stump – Mogadore – 1 year on 3/26

Tina Allen – Mogadore – 1 year on 3/29

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