The Many Applications of our KEP-exclusive Free-Band® Non-Latex Surgical Tourniquet Bands

From prepping patients for medication to helping medical professionals perform necessary blood tests, our product, non-latex surgical tourniquet bands, are a necessity for doctors’ offices, reference labs, blood banks and hospitals.

Surgical tourniquets have many medical uses, like for use with IVs and regular blood tests. Our Free-Band® non-latex surgical tourniquet bands are found in IV start kits and are also used to prep patients for drawing blood.

According to the American Red Cross, the number of blood donors in the U.S. in a year is 6.8 million—that’s millions of tourniquet bands needed just for blood banks alone. This report, which assesses and forecast the surgical tourniquet market from 2016-2026, says that the North American surgical tourniquet market will continue to grow in upcoming years.

Tourniquet bands are necessary as long as there are medical emergencies and doctors’ visits, and due to the growing demands for non-latex materials in the medical industry, we have many customers requesting our Free-Band® non-latex surgical tourniquet bands.

We developed our Free-Band® non-latex surgical tourniquet bands to give medical professionals the peace of mind they need in order to provide the best care possible for people with latex sensitivities.

We manufacture our tourniquet bands from a blend of thermoplastics available exclusively through KEP that is the perfect replacement for latex.

Infections can spread with reusable tourniquet cuffs, so we’re thankful to have so many customers opting for our disposable, non-latex option. Highly durable, our Free-Band® Tourniquets meet strict biocompatibility standards in the medical industry and are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and packaging options. Plus, they are notch cut for quick and easy dispensing.

Want to place an order or learn more about our Free-Band® non-latex surgical tourniquet bands? Ask KEP!

—Beverly Kiglics, Director, Quality Assurance


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