Celebrating Our March Anniversaries!

Our exceptional team is our lucky charm and key to success! This month we’re celebrating 15 hardworking team members from each of our facilities with anniversaries. We are thankful for the 21 amazing years that Lisa Smith has spent at our Mogadore facility. Also, Michelle Johnson (Mogadore) and Brock Lauvray (Winesburg) have both been with our company for 19 years – what an accomplishment! Thank you to this crew of dedicated workers for all your efforts! 

Lisa Smith – Mogadore – 21 years on 3/11
Michelle Johnson – Mogadore – 19 years on 3/15
Brock Lauvray – Winesburg – 19 years on 3/30
Nheng Rassavong – Mogadore – 18 years on 3/14
Michael James – Kent – 16 years on 3/21
Derrick Kendrick – Kent – 16 years on 3/29
Terry Powell – Kent – 8 years on 3/9
Matthew Hills – Kent – 6 years on 3/13
Derek Dunn– Mogadore – 4 years on 3/20
Michelle Yoder – Winesburg – 2 years on 3/16
Nicolas Stump – Mogadore – 2 years on 3/26
Tina Allen – Mogadore – 2 years on 3/29
Abdallah Altruki – Winesburg – 1 year on 3/2
Teresa France – Winesburg – 1 year on 3/14
Doll Sanchez – Winesburg – 1 year on 3/28

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